2012 VGAs: ‘The Phantom Pain’ Revealed

Spike kicked off the 2012 VGAs with a bit of a bang with the reveal trailer, which featured 100 percent in-engine footage, of an all-new IP called The Phantom Pain from developer Moby Dick Studios.

The trailer starts off in a hospital, with a character–whose perspective the video follows–lying on a hospital bed. The character is told that they have been in a coma for “quite some time” after a brief flash of two characters being whipped around as they crash.

Afterwards, the character is shown to be wearing a prosthetic arm from the elbow down with a hook-like attachment at the end. The video then begs the question, “What happened?” and a scene is shown of the character being picked up from the floor by a character voiced by Kiefer Sutherland.

From there, things in The Phantom Pain appear to go downhill pretty quickly. The character is seen crawling along the floor with Sutherland’s character as things get progressively weird–the trailer even asks the question, “Am I in a dream?”

Following that, a series of action shots and increasingly bizarre sights are seen. A military force enters the hospital, whose purpose appears to be to kill just about everyone they see. After more strange sights, the trailer comes to an abrupt end.

As of now, it isn’t known what, exactly, The Phantom Pain is. No platforms or release date were announced during or after the trailer, and the video didn’t give much of an indication what sort of game it is.

A press release is likely to follow within the next few days, so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, you can check out the debut trailer for The Phantom Pain below.