Amber Portwood Reveals Whether Or Not A Sex Tape Is Still In The Works, Spills On Her Net Worth

Last month, Matt Baier and Amber Portwood confirmed that they had met with the CEO of porn company Vivid to talk about making a sex tape. When fans called Amber’s decision into question, she defended herself, saying Kim Kardashian is extremely wealthy from making a sex tape and that it was a strategic business move. The mom of one also has a dream to open her own rehab centers all over the world, thanks to her own struggles with addiction, and thought this could help bring in money for her and Matt to do some good.

However, Amber Portwood has recently confirmed that the pair is no longer together, although he still lives in her house, presumably due to legal issues.

The Teen Mom OG star has gone live on Instagram twice to talk to fans and answer questions about her life, and this time, she answered whether or not she and Matt still planned to make a porno together.

“There’s no porn tape, guys. I’m not doing porn, it was just a meeting.”

During the Instagram Live session, she also made it very clear that she and Matt were no longer together, and it is unclear if the porn idea was Matt’s or a mutual decision.

During the late night live session, the reality TV star also touched on her net worth. Although she is constantly eschewing her daughter, Leah, when she asks her if she’s rich, the mom of one confirmed that she actually was making quite a bit of money.

One fan asked her if it was true if her net worth was $280,000 as they had read on a gossip website. Amber Portwood answered that one of her cars was worth $280,000, insinuating that she made a lot more money than that figure.

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood stated that she decided to put her wedding to Matt Baier on hold (for the second time) after he caught him trying to give Xanax to one of the cast members of the show. As both Matt and Amber have struggled with addiction in the past, Amber found it unacceptable for him to have any drugs on him at all, although he tried to say that they were for her in case she got anxiety on the airplane.

It is safe to say, however, that a Mamber sex tape won’t be blowing up on the Internet anytime soon.

[Featured Image by Amber Portwood/Instagram]