McDonald’s Customer Calls 911 After McNuggets Take Too Long To Cook

Some McDonald’s customers take their food very seriously, as was the case for one Texas woman who had the nerve to call 911 when her Chicken McNuggets weren’t cooked fast enough for her liking.

The Waco woman went through the McDonald’s drive-through and ordered the customer favorite. However, when the restaurant took longer than she thought it should to deliver her order, she phoned 911 and demanded that they give her the nuggets for free–as though the police department doesn’t have more important things to worry about.

Seargent W. Patrick Swanton answered the call. He said the woman was escorted off the premises and was given a refund. But she also didn’t get her nuggets and was forced to go to another McDonald’s location to fulfill her snack attack.

Evidently, the woman’s behavior had already become problematic, as employees at the restaurant called 911 and beat her to the punch. Although she didn’t get her McDonald’s chicken nuggets, she did leave without further incident. It is unclear if the woman eventually got to fulfil her craving elsewhere.

Swanton was fairly light hearted about the whole affair that went down at McDonald’s, as he dubbed it “the chicken nugget call” on the police department’s public Facebook page.

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The woman got off pretty easily, as no charges were given to her for abusing the staff or for calling 911 inappropriately. She was also not docked for disturbing the peace, not to mention the other customers who just wanted to enjoy their McDonald’s meal.

This isn’t the first time a customer has abused the emergency police service to complain about service from a fast food restaurant. A woman in Canada called 911 last year to tell the police that the pizza she ordered didn’t have enough cheese on it. The officers responding to the call described it as completely bizarre and one that will always stick with them.

The Canadian officer, however, stated that people often abuse emergency services, calling 911 to complain about things the police have nothing to do with. This can include telling them about something they heard on the radio that they didn’t like or to simply give their opinions.

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