‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Brandon Rogers Dies In Car Accident Before His Episode Airs

America’s Got Talent standout contestant Dr. Brandon Rogers died over the weekend after he wowed the judges and the audience at his audition but before TV viewers have had the chance to see him, TMZ is reporting.

Dr. Brandon Rogers became a viral sensation late last year after posting a video of himself performing a cover of Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee.” The video went viral, and even caught the attention of the Philadelphia R & B Group. In fact, during a stop in Las Vegas, the band invited the Maryland physician to join them on stage. As The Metro reports, Rogers performed with the band for the three nights they were in Vegas.

Apparently hoping to turn his viral fame into something bigger, Dr. Rogers auditioned for America’s Got Talent. As of this writing, it’s unclear when or where he auditioned, but considering that TMZ describes his audition as a “standout,” it’s likely that his performance was a memorable one.

Unfortunately, Rogers’ life was cut short before he got the chance to experience his fame beyond social media. Details are scarce at this time, but sources indicate that he died in a car accident in Maryland. The crash took place on Saturday; Rogers was taken to a hospital, where he died on Sunday.

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On their official Facebook page, Boyz II Men posted a heartfelt tribute to their sometimes-bandmate.

“It hurts to know that the world will never have a chance to witness what his impact on the world could have been as a Doctor and even on the music world.”

Rogers’ death puts America’s Got Talent producers in an awkward position. The episode in which Rogers auditioned isn’t scheduled to air for a few more weeks; now, producers will have to decide how to advise home viewers of his death, or whether or not to cut his scenes or even to air the episode at all.

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Not for nothing, Brandon’s family says they hope AGT producers do decide to air Brandon’s scenes.

Do you believe America’s Got Talent should air Brandon’s audition, or should they cut it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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