Bella Hadid Relationship Rumors: Model Spotted Snuggling Australian Bad Boy Jordan Barrett

Top model and Instagram queen Bella Hadid has seemingly exited from her flirty relationship with boxer Anthony Joshua. New photos suggest that Bella has moved on with Australian model and known bad boy Jordan Barrett.

Just last month, Bella was rumored to be in a flirty relationship with Anthony Joshua. The pair met at a GQ party, where they were photographed together and exchanged many likes on Instagram thereafter. That flirtatious relationship seems to have ended as quickly as it began.

On Monday, 20-year-old Bella was photographed inside her Manhattan apartment hanging out with fellow model Jordan Barrett. Bella’s attire suggested the hangout was more than friendly; she was seen wearing a white crop top with black Brazilian cut panties, while Jordan was shirtless. Hadid’s bottom was completely exposed as paparazzi snagged shots of her and Jordan. Bella even appeared to taunt photographers as she pressed her backside against the glass.

Jordan and Bella had an iPhone propped up on a window sill as they took dozens of photos together. Paparazzi caught the duo pressed up against each other as Bella reportedly climbed all over Jordan. The pair were all smiles during their photo session while Bella ran her hand across Jordan’s face.

[Image by Antony Jones/Getty Images]

After their inside photo-fest concluded, the pair moved their selfie session outside. Jordan tossed on a white T-shirt before retreating to the balcony. Bella even smiled so wide that her teeth showed — a look the model normally refrains from. The two cheesed it up together before going back inside to prepare for their evening out as Jordan left Bella in the apartment.

Later that night, Bella and Jordan attended a Charity Foundation Party together, where insiders revealed they stayed cozy all night.

This isn’t the first time the peers were spotted snuggled up next to each other. Jordan shared a photo of himself and Bella on a boat in Cannes just last month. Bella has yet to share a moment with Jordan on social media despite all the selfies they have taken together.

Besides amazing structure, Bella and Jordan both have something remarkable in common. In 2016, they were both voted Model of the Year by The website conducts voting each year, and two winners are selected. Bella won the industry’s vote, while friend Kendall Jenner won the readers’ choice. Jordan also won the industry’s vote.

The Daily Mail nabbed the cozy photos of Jordan and Bella that you can check out here.

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[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris and Antony Jones/Getty Images]