Craig Conover Passed The Bar: Did Shep Rose Ever Apologize For ‘Southern Charm’ Drama?

Craig Conover was apparently lying about his education while filming Southern Charm over the past couple of years. While Shep Rose really wanted to know whether his friend had truly passed his exams and graduated law school, Craig never really gave him an answer. After being pressured to give him an answer, Conover sat down with Rose, and they prepared his application to the bar together. They even drove to the post office so he could apply for the bar. But that turned out to be a lie, and Shep was confused as to why Craig wouldn’t just be honest about his progress.

It was clear that Conover didn’t want to tell Shep about his progress, and he kept his status a secret. However, the lie that he went through was enough for Shep to question their friendship. He had pushed Craig so much that he was lying just to get him off his back. Now that Conover has passed the bar, fans are wondering if Shep has apologized for his behavior.

According to a new Bravo report, Craig Conover explained that Shep isn’t the kind of person who apologizes when he has done something wrong. Apparently, Rose rarely does something wrong because he is honest and will talk things out when they happen. However, it sounds like he has acknowledged that perhaps he was a bit too pushy and should have backed off a bit.

“He never really bothered me; he just annoyed me… but he wrote a nice message and congratulatory post online and sent me a nice text,” Craig explained about his friendship with Shep. “And we kind of just went on living how we were — he’s just not as annoying. I mean Shep’s not one to apologize. You’ll never catch him in a lie. He’s a very honest person almost to a fault. But I don’t think he’s a big one to apologize. He does it in his own way [like] ‘You know, I feel bad, man. Take this drink and whatever.'”

Perhaps the two friends went out for drinks and laughed at the entire situation. As it turns out, Shep may have backed off if Craig Conover had given him a straight answer right from the beginning. But one could argue that Conover may not have applied to the bar and taken the exam if he hadn’t gotten so much pressure from his Southern Charm co-stars. As fans saw on the show, he was working in the yarn and polishing his embroidery skills rather than studying for the bar exam.

These days, Craig Conover has passed the bar, but he has yet to be sworn in as a lawyer. He is contemplating what his next move is, as he could just intern for some other lawyers to get his feet wet before actually working for himself and starting a law firm.

What do you think of Craig Conover’s plans to possibly take it easy? Do you think Conover should have been harsher on Shep Rose for hassling him for so long?

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]