NBA Trade: Possible Deals For Kevin Love That Could Help Cavaliers Top Golden State Next Season

The Golden State Warriors just won against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Championship finals. Cavs fans would say that the team fought a good fight, but as early as now, reports on the possible strategy of Cavs next season are already emerging. These include trading Kevin Love, which could help the team win against GSW.

According to Fox Sports, Cavaliers could trade Love for Paul George, who is currently with the Indiana Pacers, or for Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks. With George, the Cavs would have a forward who can guard Kevin Durant for stretches of time, as well as make his own shots and knock down three-pointers.

FanSided added the George would help the Cavs on the wing being a great shooter, not to mention that he also plays defense. On the downside, George would have a learning curve playing with ball-dominant players in Cleveland, which could hurt the momentum of the team. Furthermore, he might not re-sign with the Cavs after a year if the team would not win a title.

Meanwhile, a deal with Melo had been a subject of NBA trade rumors in the past. It could probably work for the Cavs given that he’s part of LeBron’s Brotherhood, but Fox Sports said the Cavs actually have a greater chance of winning against the Warriors with Kevin than Anthony. Although Melo would be a great addition to any team, Jeff Van Gundy, an ABC/ESPN analyst and a former Knicks coach, said that it doesn’t make sense for Cleveland, as he would not make the Cavs better, according to the New York Post. An NBA assistant coach added that Melo is best at isolation, which would not work against the Warriors given its great defense.

FanSided also suggested sending Kevin to Portland Trail Blazers and getting its shooting guard CJ McCollum. McCollum would give Cleveland a more balanced offense. Gordon Hayward could also help the Cavaliers out on the wing. His “athleticism, defensive tenacity and willingness to play above the rim” make him a great choice to help the Cavs become a better team.

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[Featured Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]