Man Gets 8-Year Prison Sentence For Repeatedly Raping His Girlfriend

A 27-year-old woman has revealed that her boyfriend repeatedly raped her over the course of two years.

And she slept through the whole thing.

Naomi Hampson’s boyfriend confessed to a friend that he had been sedating his girlfriend, dressing her up and painting her nails, and raping her while she slept.

Apparently, the boyfriend, Robert Fryer has somnophilia, a disorder in which a person is sexually aroused by sleeping people.

Hampson only found out she had regularly fallen victim to Robert Fryer when police raided their home. Hampson had allegedly been drinking more than usual, since her father, 77, had been diagnosed with cancer. When Hampson would wake up in strange places in strange clothes, Fryer would blame the drinking. Finally, Fryer admitted his crimes to a friend, who called the police.

Hampson now says that her life was “shattered into thousands of tiny pieces.”

When police raided the couple’s Hampton, UK home, they found Fryer’s computer filled with images of his lewd behavior with Hampson.

Fryer, 30, plead guilty to separate charges of sexual activity, and was jailed in September. He will spend eight years in prison.

Hampson waived her right to anonymity in order to get the word out about Fryer’s crimes. Generally, a victim of sexual assault remains anonymous.

“I’m disgusted when I think about what he did. It makes me feel dirty and completely violated. Not remembering anything makes it worse,” reports Hampson.

“It is so sinister all that time I was living with someone capable of that. He has no emotion. He is evil. And if the police hadn’t found out I could have stillbeen living with him. It’s terrifying.”

Have you ever heard of somnophilia?