‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: Frank’s Story May Not Be Over This Season

Outlander Season 3 is expected to be the last for Tobias Menzies’ dual characters Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall, but that may not be the case. New spoilers for the upcoming episodes reveal that fans may be getting a bigger dose of Frank than they anticipated.

As Outlander fans already know, Frank is dead in Claire’s present-day life. In the Season 2 finale, it was revealed that Claire’s first husband had died and that she had been raising their daughter, Briana, by herself. Briana, now an adult, seemed to harbor a bit of anger toward her mother, whom she believed didn’t even miss Frank at all.

According to TV Guide, Outlander executive producer Ron Moore is speaking out about Frank’s importance in Season 3. The show is expanding Frank’s storyline to show fans what Claire’s life was really like after she returned home through the rocks pregnant with Jamie’s baby. Moore says that to fully understand Claire, fans need to understand her relationship and marriage to Frank, which makes him a very important character. Fans of the books know that Claire and Frank’s marriage was never the same after she returned home and that things got exceptionally bad in the end, which leads to a heartbreaking storyline.

“When she returns to the 20th century, Frank raises Brianna. Again, he’s a very important figure in the story. He is the father figure that Brianna knew as opposed to Jamie. Claire spent 20 years with him before he died. We needed to bring that part of the story forward to really understand how all these things work.”

Outlander Season 3 spoilers: Jamie and Black Jack Randall during the Battle of Culloden.
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Outlander viewers also know that Tobias Menzies’ other character, Black Jack Randall, will be gone in Season 3, likely in the premiere episode. As the show is set to pick up with the Battle of Culloden, it seems safe to say that Black Jack will meet his death at the hands of Jamie Fraser when the show returns. However, Moore says he’s not opposed to bringing Frank back in later seasons.

“You never know. We’ve talked about it. There’s always the possibility of flashing back and revisiting him in either role if we had a reason to. Diana in subsequent books kind of touches back to Frank for various reasons. We might do that. It really depends on how we break that in subsequent years.”

Outlander Season 3 spoilers: Claire and Frank.
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While fans who are totally in love with the characters of Claire and Jamie and their relationship may not want to see Frank any more than they have to, it’s hard to deny the stellar performance Menzies has given as both Claire’s first husband and the show’s dark and twisted villain. Viewers who loved Tobias Menzies’ performance will be delighted to hear that Season 3 may not be the end for Frank Randall.

What are your thoughts on the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers? Would you want to see Frank stick around?

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