Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals Whether She’ll Wear Pants Like Jinger After Marrying Austin Forsyth

Joy-Anna Duggar says that she’s drastically changing her style now that she’s a married woman. Will she wear pants like her older sister Jinger, or is she going in a completely different direction?

As reported by the Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, and Austin Forsyth, 23, tied the knot just two weeks ago, but TLC has already aired their wedding special. During last night’s season premiere of Counting On, the couple said “I do” in front of over 1,000 people. Ahead of the big event, Joy-Anna told the Counting On cameras that the moment she was most looking forward to was saying her vows. However, Austin said that he couldn’t wait to put the wedding ring on his bride’s finger and kiss her the very first time.

“That’s going to be exciting, too,” Joy-Anna agreed.

Austin Forsyth told Cindy, the wedding designer who previously helped plan Jinger Duggar’s big day, that he envisioned Joy-Anna Duggar as “a beautiful godly girl running barefoot through an open field of flowers.” To create a field indoors, Cindy had hay strewn all over the floor of the church. However, Joy-Anna didn’t go barefoot; she wore a pair of strappy brown sandals underneath her bridal gown.

While Joy-Anna Duggar clearly didn’t care about rocking flashy footwear on her wedding day, she was concerned about her appearance and how her future husband felt about the way she looked.

“You like my hair like this?” she asked Austin before she put on her wedding dress. “Or do you want me to do something different?”

“Are you going to do a braid or something?” asked Austin.

“Do you want me to? That’s the question,” Joy-Anna responded. “No babe, it’s really what you want.”

Joy-Anna Duggar said that she was “so thrilled” about how her patchwork wedding dress turned out, but there was a time when she found all dresses very unappealing. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, she has said that she hates wearing them.

“I was not born to wear dresses. I was born to wear my own style,” said Joy-Anna in the Counting On episode “Girls Hit the Road.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do on my wedding day,” she added.

The Duggar girls are taught that they should obey their husbands and dress to please them, which is why Jinger Duggar was allowed to break her family’s dress code when she married Jeremy Vuolo. Jinger’s parents think that women should only wear dresses and skirts, but Jeremy believes that women should be free to wear pants if they want to.

Austin Forsyth’s views on women’s fashion are even stricter than those of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar; according to Joy-Anna, her husband is a dresses-only kind of guy. While talking to the Counting On cameras about her personal style, Joy-Anna claimed that her feelings about dresses changed as soon as she and Austin started courting.

“I said before that I don’t like dresses, but Austin likes them on me, and so I’m branching out and I’m wearing some dresses now,” she said.

“I don’t really have fashion. I just kind of wear whatever Austin likes. Before, I just wore whatever was in the closet. I’m trying to improve that.”

While trying to choose a date night outfit, Joy-Anna told her sisters that she’s very picky about the dresses she wears. Jessa Duggar described her younger sister’s pre-marriage style as “plain” and “simple,” and Jill Duggar said that Joy-Anna preferred to wear “whatever fits and is comfortable.” The newlywed’s old wardrobe included a lot of T-shirts, so she’ll probably be doing quite a bit of shopping after she returns home from her honeymoon. Joy-Anna had so few dresses in her wardrobe that Jill and Jessa decided to take her shopping for a new one before they chaperoned her date with Austin.

What do you think of Joy-Anna Duggar changing her style for her husband?

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