Watch ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Season 9 Premiere, ‘Celebrity Ninja Warrior’ Full Episodes On Demand [Video]

American Ninja Warrior (ANW) Season 9 premiered on NBC on June 12, 2017, and the show delivered plenty of excitement, as well as inspirational stories. The show is a spinoff of the Japanese ninja warrior show, Sasuke, and features the toughest, most dedicated men and women across the nation who hope to become the American Ninja Warrior winner. A competitive-based, reality show, the winner receives the title of American Ninja Warrior, along with the grand prize of $1 million, according to NBC.

There are six city qualifier rounds, followed by six city finals contestants must win in order to make it to the finale. The first qualifying rounds kicked off at Hollywood’s Universal Studios for the premiere, and the qualifying rounds will continue in San Antonio, Daytona Beach, Kansas City, Cleveland, and Denver. Following the qualifying rounds, there will be the city competitions. The warriors who win those challenges will move on to compete in the American Ninja Warrior finals that take place in Las Vegas in September 2017.

You can watch the American Ninja Warrior Season 9 premiere and the full episode of Celebrity Ninja Warrior online at the official NBC site. Viewers without an official account who are unable to log into NBC and watch American Ninja Warrior full episodes online may watch the show for free at Yahoo View. The full episode of Celebrity Ninja Warrior that aired on May 25, 2017, is also available via Yahoo. Celebrity Ninja Warrior was a fundraising event and part of the Red Nose Day programming provided by NBC. You may see official videos from Celebrity Ninja Warrior below, in addition to the full episodes linked above. Click the link to watch the American Ninja Warrior Season 9 premiere for free via Yahoo View.

Celebrities such as Derek Hough, Erika Christensen, Mena Suvari, Stephen Amell, Natalie Morales, and Jeffy Dye competed and raised funds for those battling cancer in the Celebrity Ninja Warrior event. Jennifer Garner served as the sideline reporter. Though American Ninja Warrior Season 9 premiered on June 12, 2017, the Celebrity Ninja Warrior episode is considered as American Ninja Warrior Season 9, Episode 1. If you’re looking for American Ninja Warrior on demand through sites like NBC or Hulu, the season premiere will be listed as Episode 2.

Notable contestants to watch in Season 9 include Grant McCartney, Kevin Bull, Flip Rodriguez, Anthony Trucks, Natalie Duran, Tiana Webberley and April Steiner Bennett. There are six obstacles featured in the American Ninja Warrior qualifying rounds. They are as follows.

  1. Floating Steps
  2. Cannonball Drop
  3. Fly Wheels
  4. Block Run
  5. Battering Ram
  6. Warped Wall

The Cannonball Drop features a contestant holding on to a 16-inch ball for a 28-foot ride. Other obstacles in American Ninja Warrior Season 9 include the Fly Wheels, Block Run (which is six-feet longer in the Season 9 course than it was in Season 8), the Battering Ram, and the 14 1/2 Warped Wall that hopeful ninja finalists must run and scale within the allotted time period.

Inspired by Kacy Catanzaro, Paige Chapman, a mother and massage therapist was the first woman to compete in the Season 9 premiere. Another Season 9 contestant, April Steiner Bennett, is a 2008 Olympic athlete who competed with Team USA for pole vaulting. Steiner-Bennett cited Jessie Graff, a fellow pole-vaulter and American Ninja Warrior record-smasher, as her inspiration for competing in the game. You may watch Jessie Graff smash American Ninja Warrior records in the video below.

As more women are proving they have the strength to tackle the hardest obstacle course in America, American Ninja Warrior announced a change to the game. From now on, the top five women who qualify will move on to city finals.

Daniel Moreno, a veteran according to 12 News, gave one of the most impressive runs in American Ninja Warrior history. Without giving spoilers, we’ll say that Moreno competed and would not be deterred by anything. You can watch his run in the obstacle course along with Paige Chapman, April Steiner Bennett, and other notable warrior hopefuls in the video links above.

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[Featured Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]