‘Roseanne’ Revival: ‘It Will Be Like No Time Has Passed’ Says Star

The Roseanne revival is one of the most highly anticipated comebacks in television history. The show, which followed the Conner family as they navigated their way through their working class lifestyle in the 1990s will return for eight new episodes in 2018. While fans are excited to see what Roseanne, Dan, and the rest of the family has been up to, the cast is seemingly just excited about the reunion.

According to Entertainment Tonight, actress Laurie Metcalf, who played Roseanne’s sister, Jackie Harris, on the show, says that she doesn’t think it will feel like any time has passed once the cast is back together and starts filming, adding that she believes the show will film on the same set that the original series filmed on all those years ago.

“It will be like no time has passed. Especially if we’re on the same set, which we might be, I heard.”

Metcalf previously stated during an interview that the cast has blocked off time toward the end of the year to get together and film the Roseanne revival, which fans are hoping will turn into the show getting picked up for another season by ABC.

The original Roseanne cast members, including Roseanne Barr, Laurie Metcalf, John Goodman, Sarah Gilbert, Lacy Goranson, and others will be returning to reprise their roles as Conner family members, while there will be new characters added to the mix as well. Roseanne and Jackie’s youngest children, Jerry and Andy, will likely be more front and center, and Sarah Chalke, who played the character of Becky in later seasons of the show, will be returning for a brand new role.

While Laurie Metcalf says she hasn’t seen a script yet, she does reveal that she believes the Conner’s will still be in the same house in Lanford, Illinois, where many of them are still probably living together, and all sitting on that same signature couch from the original series.

“[They’re] still living crowded in that home in Lanford, Illinois, all on the same couch. I don’t know what their life is going to be like. If you take that family out and pluck them down in 2017 — what they’ve been through and where they are now — it’s going to be really timely.”

The fan interest for a Roseanne revival has been overwhelming already, and many are expecting the reunion to one of next year’s highest rated television shows, creating a lot of news and social media buzz.

What are your thoughts on the latest news about the Roseanne revival? Where do you think the Conner family will be in 2018?

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]