‘The Bachelorette’ Hometown Dates Revealed! Who Reportedly Gets To Take Rachel Lindsay Home?

Rachel Lindsay just started her run on The Bachelorette, and she has already been through a bit of drama with her suitors, including a showdown with DeMario and his girlfriend. While Lindsay continues her journey to find love, who will make it to the hometown dates?

According to Accept This Rose, Lindsay’s hometown dates will feature a twist. Traditionally, the final four suitors go to their hometown so the Bachelorette star can meet their families. Nothing has been confirmed, but it sounds like the process will be reversed this season with the contestants visiting Lindsay and her family in Dallas, Texas.

Twists aside, The Hollywood Gossip reports that Lindsay’s final four suitors are Dean Unglert, a recruiter for a startup company, Bryan Abasolo, a multilingual chiropractor, Eric Bigger, a personal trainer and former model, and Peter Kraus, a self-employed business owner. Which one of these lucky guys will win Lindsay’s final rose?

Insiders claim that Dean is the first one eliminated after the hometown dates. His fans, however, can rest assured because it sounds like he’s headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. That leaves Bryan, Eric, and Peter as the final three. While nothing is official, it also sounds like Bryan will be the winner this season. That’s right, Lindsay will reportedly get engaged to Bryan Abasolo during the season finale.

Dr. Bryan Abasolo is the rumored winner of 'The Bachelorette.' [Image by ABC]

It isn’t clear whether Eric or Peter make it to the final two, but it sounds like the engagement will happen in Spain. Of course, these reports — taken from Reality Steve — could be wrong, but there’s a strong chance they aren’t. That said, Reality Steve originally thought Peter was going to be the final man standing, so this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Whatever happens, the biggest question is whether Lindsay’s love will stand the test of time. Given how The Bachelorette and The Bachelor are both pretty spotty when it comes to lasting relationships, the odds are not good that Lindsay will find true love. We can only hope that she picks the right man and doesn’t end up returning to the show down the road.

Meanwhile, one person not making it to the hometown dates is DeMario. Following DeMario’s embarrassing confession about his girlfriend, In Touch Weekly reports that Lindsay slammed him on her blog and couldn’t believe he lied to her so openly. What else did Lindsay say about her confrontation with DeMario?

DeMario Jackson of Bachelor in Paradise poses for a portrait.

“I can forgive past mistakes and understand how someone could come to this experience having recently ended a relationship, but what I can’t put up with is some idiot trying to play me,” she explained on her blog. “It took 10 minutes of listening to DeMario talk in contradictions and circles, change his story, mix up his dates, and make every other stupid move players go to when caught before I stopped letting him dig his grave any deeper and just kicked his ass to the curb. I’m a very chill person … until I’m not.”

The incident between Lindsay and DeMario occurred after he revealed that he actually has a girlfriend. Fortunately, DeMario’s lies were exposed before he made it far into the show. It’s also good to see that Lindsay isn’t afraid to hit back, especially when it comes to finding love, and it should be a warning to other men vying for Lindsay’s final rose.

Lindsay has not commented on the hometown date rumors. Filming for The Bachelorette wrapped last month and producers have kept a tight lid on releasing any official spoilers.

Fans can watch Lindsay find love when new episodes of The Bachelorette air Monday nights on ABC.

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