‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Done For Good? ABC’s Adult Spring Break Under Fire As Cast Speaks Out After Scandal

Bachelor in Paradise is done for this season, and now it sounds like it could be done for good. Production for the ABC summertime reality show was abruptly shut down amid allegations of “misconduct in the workplace,” and details of an alleged sexual encounter between two drunken contestants appear to be at the center of the scandal.

Now, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the female cast member in question, Corinne Olympios, “doesn’t remember much of anything” about her encounter in a pool with castmate DeMario Jackson. The source revealed that after the incident, several producers “were gone the next day and nobody knew why,” but Jackson and Olympios were pulled aside to speak with a therapist on set. Jackson and Olympios were sent home first, then the rest of the 16 Bachelor in Paradise contestants were told production was shutting down on Sunday.

“Cast members were given the option at first, a few days ago, on whether they wanted to stay or try to finish out filming — most chose to stay,” the insider told ET. “But then they were sent home.”

Warner Bros. released a statement explaining that they became “aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico” and that an investigation is underway. But a Bachelor in Paradise production source told ET that the future for the show, which features an on-set bartender, does not look good.

“The show will probably be done. Like, for good.”


Raven Gates and Jasmine Goode, two of the contestants sent home from this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise, took to Twitter to write that they are “crushed” over the presumed cancellation of the season, while Derek Peth wrote his “heart has been breaking all day,” and he is shocked by the reaction to the controversy from fans of the franchise. Ousted cast members Iggy Rodriguez and Taylor Nolan also weighed in on the scandal.

Meanwhile, Bachelor in Paradise alum Wells Adams posted a lengthy note to Twitter, writing that he has nothing but great memories from his time on the show and saying that his heart breaks for those who didn’t get to share the same experience.

Ditto for Tanner Tolbert, who met his future wife, Jade Roper, on Paradise and went on to marry her in front of ABC’s cameras.


The news that the show will most likely be canceled doesn’t surprise some Bachelor in Paradise alums. Former contestant Leah Block, who appeared on the third season of the show last summer, wrote that the scandal illustrates the fact that Bachelor in Paradise producers don’t have the best interests of the contestants in mind.

Block reminded the ousted Bachelor in Paradise contestants that at least they can all still date each other in L.A. and that they have the Winter Games spinoff to look forward to, although that could be an optimistic prediction given the Bachelor franchise’s tarnished reputation.

Bachelor in Paradise contestant Ryan Beckett (BIP Season 3) told People magazine drunken sexual encounters are not uncommon on the show, but producers usually step in if things get too hot and heavy in front of the cameras.

“It’s not unprecedented that people would get drunk and hook up on the show — it happens all the time,” Beckett told People.

“People drink like they were in college or on a cruise. …We’d just go up to the bar and order a margarita or whatever. So it was always available, but it definitely was never forced on us.”

Beckett added that he would be “surprised” if producers would have sat by and watched something “nefarious” going on.

“I would not imagine that a number of producers would stand idly by,” he said.

“I would expect two drunk contestants to do something stupid, but it would be surprising to me that something nefarious was going on and it was allowed to go on. … In my experience, the producers definitely step in. I felt like they definitely had it under control.”

While the Bachelor in Paradise alum admits producers “encourage men to be more open,” he says he wasn’t pushed to hook up with anyone on his season of the show.

“They may insert an idea in your head, but they want it to come from you more than anything,” he told People. “There’s some leading the horse to water, but at the end of the day, it’s always the cast that has to decide if they want to drink or hook up.”

A source for People said the possibility of Bachelor in Paradise ever resuming filming is nearly “impossible,” especially due to the fact that the majority of the bill for the show is footed by the Mexico Tourism Board in exchange for free publicity. Unfortunately, this is not the type of publicity the Tourism Board would ever want, so there is definitely trouble in Paradise.

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