‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 540: Seven Chapters Remain Until Manga’s Conclusion

The thrilling wait for Fairy Tail Chapter 540 begins. With only seven more chapters to go before the manga series ends, the upcoming installment is expected to be more action-packed the ever, especially with the reintroduction of the most powerful character in the series, Acnologia.

A Stronger Opponent Emerges Through The Crack In The Sky

Fairy Tail Chapter 539 is already available online and may be read at Manga Stream. The recently released chapter confirmed speculations regarding what the crack the sky meant and whether Natsu was really gone for good.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the recent chapter titled “World Collapse” introduced Acnologia back into the manga’s storyline. But it looks like the team needs to brace for some tougher times up ahead. As if it isn’t enough to have the Black Dragon impervious to magical attacks, the brief time he spent in the Ravines of Time just made him even stronger.

Simply put, the meticulous plan crafted by Anna Heartfilia completely failed. It was a miscalculation on her part when she assumed that the Ravines of Time would be so chaotic that even the Black Dragon would not have a chance to escape its unfathomable depths. Of course, she was wrong.

Everyone overlooked the fact that Acnologia is simply immune to any type of magic, including the insane amount of time magic inside the aberration. In fact, it appears that the powerful time magic and unfamiliar dimension only confused him for a bit. The Black Dragon eventually worked out that it was actually just a seemingly infinite source of magic. With his realization, he simply devoured the abundant magic in the Ravines of Time, becoming stronger in the process.

Hating the mages for luring him into what they thought was a perfect trap, a very angry Black Dragon clawed his way out of the crack in the sky. Unfortunately, his little snack of magic power at the Ravines of Time also made him drastically more powerful. It proved to be a deadly combination; he wasted no time in trying to end the world with his attack, the Eternal Flare.

The Perfect Dragon Of Extinction

But Acnologia is not stopping there. He wants to become even more powerful by becoming what he calls the perfect Dragon of Extinction, a plan that he will implement in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 540. Thus, all mages watched helplessly as Wendy suddenly vanished into thin air by the Black Dragons newfound powers.

But it was not just Wendy that Acnologia targeted. Eric, Gajeel, Laxus, Sting, and Rogue suddenly disappeared as well. Apparently, the Black Dragon’s plan involves gathering all Dragon Slayers into the Ravines of Time that Acnologia modified to suit his needs.

Natsu Is Back

However, the recent chapter finally revealed what happened to Natsu. In the previous episode, Natsu suddenly disappeared, prompting speculations as to what could have happened to him.

Natsu was actually among the Dragon Slayers that Acnologia pulled to the Ravines of Time. However, it looks like another battle is about to commence in Fairy Tail Chapter 540. This time, it will be a battle between Dragon Slayers.

Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers will be up against Acnologia. The Black Dragon made it his mission to become the Dragon of Extinction by absorbing all the other Dragon Slayers. Of course, it is inconceivable for Natsu and the rest to put up with Acnologia’s plan. Expect more action to come in Fairy Tail Chapter 540, where Natsu will finally be up against the overpowered Black Dragon.

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