Anchor Proposes On Air To Girlfriend [Video]

News anchor Mark Rivera made some news of his own tonight when he proposed to his girlfriend and fellow reporter Alissa Groeninger.

Rivera had Groeninger on WAND-TV in Decatur, Illinois for an on-air interview. Groeninger was expecting to answer a few questions about her job but ended up answering an entirely different question.

Rivera said: “It’s the most important question I’ve ever asked anyone in my whole life.

The news anchor then got down on one knee and proposed.

Rivera said:

“I know you thought you were here to be asked a lot of different questions… but really I only have one question to ask you… Will you marry me?’

Groeninger, who has been dating Rivera for three years, threw her arms around her husband-to-be and said “yes” as the news crew started cheering.

The newly engaged couple posted the video to Facebook, writing:

“Yesterday was a very special day…and the start of a wonderful future together. Alissa and I both thank you for sharing in that day and for allowing us to share that moment moment with you.”

Here’s the video of the anchor proposing to his girlfriend on live TV.

What do you think of the anchor’s proposal?