Is Han Solo Film In Trouble? Poor Acting And Action Allegedly Forces Early Reshoots

Rumors have emerged that the upcoming Han Solo spinoff hasn't quite hit the mark during its production, with the latest speculation suggesting that the acting isn't as up to par as expected, and even the action of the film is a little disappointing. Because of these issues, the Han Solo film is expected to undergo reshoots in the very near future in order to solve them.

However, this rumor should be taken with a bit of salt because even The Weekly Planet Podcast, the team responsible for the speculation, has acknowledged that it could be a little untrustworthy. When relaying the information provided to them by their source, The Weekly Planet Podcast did insist that while the script for the still untitled Han Solo is "very funny," Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has told directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller that both the action and acting are "weak."

"There are a number of reshoots for the film. The scripts are very funny but the action set pieces and acting are thought to be weak by Kathleen Kennedy."
This then provoked one of the other hosts of The Weekly Planet Podcast, via the Express, to admit that the speculation might be a little exaggerated, as they noted that this could just be the opinion of Kathleen Kennedy.
"I don't know whether this is true or not - it could just be one perspective for her in particular. Maybe there is great acting and action?"
Even if it is true that Kathleen Kennedy is the only person that feels that way about the Han Solo film, the fact that she is the head of Lucasfilm, and in complete control of the burgeoning Star Wars universe, means that she has quite a lot of influence over the final outcome of the film.

But while the alleged revelation about just how weak Han Solo's action and acting are might be a tad alarming for Star Wars fans to hear, it should be noted that pretty much every other blockbuster undergoes reshoots in order for them to be honed and perfected.

That's likely to be the case with the Han Solo film, too, and considering that those involved still have over 11 months until it is released into cinemas, there really isn't any need to be overly concerned. At least at the moment. Especially because Rogue One: A Star Wars Story underwent drastic alterations just under six months before it was released, as Tony Gilroy was brought in to assist director Gareth Edwards with these reshoots.

We can expect to learn more about the production of Han Solo in the buildup to its release on May 25, 2018, while despite the rumored problems, the above image of Woody Harrelson and Donald Glover, both of whom feature in the film, suggests that at least they've been getting along famously during its shoot. Woody Harrelson posted the picture of the duo in Spain to his Instagram last week.

[Featured Image by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]