Reality Winner Swaps CrossFit For Prison Exercise Yard

Reality Winner faces reality the hard way. The accused NSA leaker won’t be out of prison any time soon, so she isn’t wasting her time in the prison yard.

Reality Winner, whose unusual name was given to her at birth by her now-deceased father Ronald Winner, swapped her CrossFit gym for the prison yard on Monday. And the workout looked no less intense than doing CrossFit’s 150 squats and 80 pushups, as seen from pics obtained by TMZ.

Reality Winner made fellow inmates at the Lincoln County Jail in Georgia jealous of her flexibility and stamina when the 25-year-old ex-NSA contractor ran laps around the prison yard and did yoga stretches.

Reality Winner, who allegedly leaked classified NSA intel to a news site, even did an impressive handstand up against the wall.

CrossFit workouts are great, but Reality Winner probably regrets that she hadn’t trained in rock climbing before being thrown into jail, as on one of the photos the accused NSA leaker is seen checking out the barbed-wire fence.

Reality Winner was also photographed eating lunch from the ground of the prison yard. While that may not be the most hygienic way to eat food, the accused NSA leaker looked relaxed despite her impending prosecution.

Last week, the judge denied Reality Winner’s request for bail after she pleaded not guilty to charges she had leaked classified documents. The 25-year-old former NSA contractor could end up indulging in prison food and exercising in the prison yard for a while.

Reality Winner could get 10 years in prison, plus fines, for allegedly leaking classified documents on the NSA investigating Russia hacks prior to the 2016 presidential election.

There’s a big chance Reality Winner won’t see her CrossFit gym – and will have to settle for outdoor prison yard workouts – for the next decade, as the U.S. government is expected to throw the book at her, according to the Daily Mail.

Reality Winner, whom her friends and family call a CrossFit junkie, is probably working on her athleticism in the prison to not let fellow inmates intimidate or bully her.

In fact, fellow inmates may be a little too scared to even steal prison food from Reality Winner, as the woman served four years in the military and for years took interest in yoga, CrossFit, and weightlifting.

Reality Winner was arrested by the FBI earlier this month for allegedly emailing classified NSA documents to a news company. The documents Winner took particular interest in were that of the NSA’s investigation of Russia allegedly hacking 122 U.S. electoral officers prior to the 2016 election.

It’s unclear why the news company would find those classified documents valuable, as according to the documents published by The Intercept after Reality Winner was arrested, there was no evidence of Russia’s hackers meddling with vote counts.

Reality Winner worked as an NSA contractor for Pluribus International Corporation for only four months before she was arrested on the charges of leaking classified NSA data.

Even though she worked for only four months, she had top-secret security clearance, which she allegedly decided to put to use by leaking out some of the classified documents.

Prior to her job as the NSA contractor, Reality Winner worked in the Air Force as a linguist from January 2013. Winner’s step-father, Gary Davis, revealed to the Daily Mail that Reality was assigned to the NSA at Fort Meade for four years and worked as a linguist in Arabic and Farsi.

Reality Winner even aided in the deaths of more than 100 enemies and more than 250 enemy captures, as she provided real-time translations to U.S. troops conducting field missions.

[Featured Image by Sean Rayford/Getty Images]