Should ‘Shameless’ Star Jeremy Allen White Be Considered For Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy?

Is it time for a member of the Shameless cast such as Jeremy Allen White – known for his role as Lip – to be considered for an Emmy Award? Many fans of the Showtime series seem to think so.

With the exceptions of Joan Cusack (who played Sheila Jackson) and William H. Macy (who plays Frank Gallagher), the Showtime series Shameless hasn’t managed to catch the eye of the Television Academy since its debut.

Some describe the lack of nominations as criminal

The Film Experience describes the lack of attention the overall series as received over the last six years as “criminal.” Emmy Rossum, who recently got a pay raise to continue paying the role of Fiona Gallagher, has never been nominated. Cameron Monaghan, who most would agree has done a remarkable job playing the role of a homosexual adolescent, has never been nominated. Noel Fisher, who is still considered to be a fan favorite despite walking away from the show twice, has never been nominated. Even Shameless itself, which many considered to be a perfect blend of drama and comedy, has never been nominated either.

Many fans of the series agree the Gallagher family does an incredible job of shining a spotlight on what being poor in the United States really looks like. Heading into Season 8 of the series, Shameless continues to tell the story of a large family in a way that has captivated their audience. So, why hasn’t there been more awards? Could it be that the series just crosses too many boundaries?

Lip and Karen from the Showtime series 'Shameless' [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Should Jeremy Allen White be considered for an Emmy Award?

The official Twitter page for Shameless shared The Film Experience‘s proposal that Jeremy Allen White should be considered as a nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy. If you haven’t seen the proposal, you can check it out below. The proposal included a video clip of a scene from Shameless where White’s character Lip is pleading his case regarding why he shouldn’t be kicked out of school.

In just a few hours, the tweet lit up with hundreds of re-tweets, comments, and favorites. What did fans have to say about Jeremy Allen White being considered for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy? For the most part, fans of the Shameless series appear to be extremely supportive of the idea. Though, some have chimed in with reasons why other members of the cast should also be nominated. Emmy Rossum, Cameron Monaghan, and even Noel Fishers’ names were throw into the hat.

Inquisitr also took to Shameless Facebook fan groups in search of how fans felt about the lack of attention Shameless has gotten from the Emmy’s and whether or not White is an ideal candidate.

Danielle McGaw from Swan River, Manitoba, Canada considers herself to be a die-hard fan of the Showtime series. So, we asked her a few questions.

Why do you think Shameless hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy as a series?
Danielle: I think it is because Shameless crosses a lot of boundaries and even genres (like drama and comedy).

Do you think Jeremy Allen White should be considered for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy?
Danielle: Absolutely. He’s a talented actor that brings his best every year. He’s had to portray a wide variety of emotions and feelings and roles that other actors might not be able to do as well.

Some have compared the character Lip Gallagher to an onion because of how many different emotions and roles he takes on in Shameless. Danielle acknowledges it takes a pretty talented actor to do such a great job of playing the role of a character with so many layers.

Joan Cusack

As IMDB reminds us, Joan Cusack was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award five times for her role in Shameless. In 2015, Cusack finally one a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her role as Sheila Jackson.

William H. Macy

William H. Macy, according to IMDB, was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for the last three years. He was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as Frank Gallagher in 2016, 2015, and 2014. Unlike Joan Cusack, he hasn’t actually won an Emmy for his role in Shameless just yet.

TV Over Mind recently published an editorial about the future success for the careers of the Shameless cast. The media outlet compared White to Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad. The outlet noted that White has “oodles of potential.” The outlet, however, did acknowledge that Jeremy is more suited to be in the supporting role category than anywhere else. So, being nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy based on this description of Jeremy Allen White as an actor seems to make sense.

Do you think Jeremy Allen White or Shameless should be in the running for an Emmy this year? Let us know in the comment’s section found down below.

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