Thomas Ravenel In California With Landon Clements And Rumored Girlfriend

Thomas Ravenel’s relationship with Ashley Jacobs, a nurse and model who lives in California, seems to be getting serious. After Thomas’ visit to Ashley in Southern California and Ashley’s visit to Thomas in Charleston last month, Thomas is once again with Ashley in Southern California. And as with the previous visits, Thomas and Ashley spent time not just with each other but also with Southern Charm co-star Landon Clements.

On Sunday, Ashley posted a photo of herself and Landon perched on a helicopter at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. Ashley also posted a photo of herself standing next to a luxury car at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore in Santa Barbara.

While Ashley didn’t post any photos of herself with Thomas in Santa Barbara to her Instagram page, she did apparently post evidence of her and Thomas hanging out on another social media medium, perhaps Snapchat, as one viewer left a comment on Ashley’s car photo asking her why she, while posting about Thomas somewhere else, is no longer posting photos of Thomas to her Instagram page. Ashley responded that she stopped doing that because of people’s “cruel” criticism and only wants positive vibes and energy.

harlestoncharleston: “Looking fly, gurrrrrllll. But why only post pics of you and Thomas in the story? Why aren’t you posting pics together anymore?

ashleyhjacobs: “@harlestoncharleston because the haters/trolls are cruel. Only want positive vibes & energy✨”

Another person left a comment regarding Ashley’s relationship with Thomas that Ashley may have considered “cruel.” The person gave her opinion that Ashley is with Thomas probably because she has “major Daddy issues.” In response, Ashley pointedly told the person that what she says about others says a lot about her and that she should just be kind.

southernbelleloves: “@b**chpreez way better. My Dad died when I was young and it led to major Daddy issues. By the way she posts (me if social media existed 15 years ago) my guess is she’s got the same issues. Thankfully I grew out of them after marrying the first of two totally useless men.”

ashleyhjacobs: “How you makes others feel about themselves says a lot about you. @southernbelleloves, in a world where you can be anything… how about being kind❤️”

On Saturday, Ashley posted a photo of herself at the Santa Barbara waterfront and commented that she was enjoying the beautiful evening and feeling blessed. Thomas may have played a part in making Ashley feel so great that night, as one follower complimented Ashley on how romantic she and Thomas were together.

lauraleehoneyp: “Love all your stories with you and @thomasravenel!!!!!!! Que romantique!”

As evidenced by Ashley Jacobs and Landon Clements’ Instagram pages, Thomas Ravenel was in Santa Barbara with Ashley and Landon last month. Shortly after, Ashley spent time with Thomas and Landon in Charleston. Some of Ashley’s photos on her Instagram page from last month show her and Thomas cuddling. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Landon, in response to public inquiry, then confirmed that Thomas and Ashley are indeed dating. Landon, apparently not caring about spoiling the Southern Charm storyline of Thomas pursuing her romantically, also gave her opinion that Thomas should marry Ashley quickly if he knows what’s good for him.

While Ashley has not been afraid to show off her relationship with Thomas, at least until recently, Thomas has only posted one photo of Ashley to his Instagram page, which he then quickly deleted last month. Yet, he has recently dropped strong hints that he is dating Ashley. As the Inquisitr reported, during an interview late last month, Thomas repeatedly spoke about his admiration for a young woman who works as a nurse. He brought up the nurse when talking about the qualities and values that he wants in a romantic partner.

Surprisingly, Thomas’ ex, Kathryn Dennis, may not mind his relationship with Ashley Jacobs. Last week, a photo emerged of Kathryn and Thomas having lunch together at J.D. Madison’s Gentry Bar & Room. The photo shows Kathryn and Thomas looking very happy as they sit close to one another. In response to a viewer who expressed confusion over Kathryn and Thomas getting along, the person who runs Gentry’s Twitter account, perhaps J.D. himself, commented that Thomas and Kathryn’s two children are doing well and that he’s happy for them.

Kathryn only said that she had the best fried chicken for lunch.

Perhaps Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, as the current Southern Charm episodes suggest, really have put aside their differences and now have a good co-parenting relationship for the sake of their two children.

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