‘The Bachelorette’: Rachel Lindsay’s Final Pick Accused Of Committing Insurance Fraud [Report]

Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay’s final pick may need some of the Dallas-based attorney’s legal advice due to a report that the contestant was recently in court to face insurance fraud charges. Rachel, who works as a lawyer with Cooper & Scully, recently returned to her real job after spending weeks traveling around the world to find love.

The good news is that she did find love. Rachel told Us Weekly that she is engaged, but she won’t be allowed to go out and about with her new man until the season finale airs on August 7. However, now that she is in the post-filming getting-to-know-you phase with the man she picked, we’re curious to find out what she knows about his legal issues.

Warning: The Bachelorette Season 13 spoilers ahead.

Last month, blogger Reality Steve revealed the name of the guy who proposed to Rachel when the final rose ceremony was taped in mid-May. Shortly after he made the announcement, a report by the Inquisitr questioned the validity of his spoilers.

Sure enough, Steve made an announcement last week that he did indeed get the final rose spoilers wrong. Instead of contestant Peter Krauss getting engaged to Rachel Lindsay, Steve now states that Miami-based chiropractor Bryan Abasolo proposed to Rachel. And judging from the many interviews Rachel has done in the past few weeks, she’s extremely happy with the outcome of the show.

However, there is no word as to whether Rachel knows anything about Bryan’s recent stint in court for insurance fraud. According to Radar Online, Abasolo, who is a chiropractor, appeared in court right before filming for The Bachelorette started in March.

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and winner Bryan Abasolo kiss.
[Paul Hebert/ABC]

Radar Online obtained court records from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania that reveal Allstate Insurance Company accused Abasolo of “submitting, and causing to be submitted, false and fraudulent medical records, bills and invoices through the U.S. Mail seeking reimbursement.”

The court filings also mention that the Miami-based doctor “engaged in a comprehensive insurance fraud scheme designed to obtain payments” from the insurance company for treatment that was not “medically necessary, and not legally rendered.”

Radar’s report goes on to say that Dr. Abasolo was accused of referring his patients for MRIs, and “almost none” of them were medically necessary.

Fortunately for Bryan, he was in and out of court on March 22, just days before the Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette started filming in Los Angeles. The case was reportedly dismissed “with prejudice” but without any costs or fees on March 22.

And if you’re curious as to what “dismissed without prejudice” means, here’s the low-down, thanks to NOLO.

“When a case is dismissed without prejudice, it leaves the plaintiff free to bring another suit based on the same grounds, for example if the defendant doesn’t follow through on the terms of a settlement.”

It sounds like Bryan is in the clear as long as he abides by the settlement terms. And if he needs an attorney, he’ll have Rachel Lindsay by his side. Of course, that’s if their relationship works out.

So far, so good. Rachel recently told People that she got her “happy ending” this season, something that will play out in the weeks leading up to the August 7 Bachelorette finale.

“I am very much so in love and very much so engaged. I am getting my happy ending!”

Over the next few weeks, fans will watch Rachel travel around the world, to her final four guys’ hometowns, and on to the final rose ceremony that was filmed in Madrid on May 11.

Will Rachel and Bryan go the distance and get married? We’ll hear what their future plans are on the Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special that airs right after the finale.

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