Bethenny Frankel Criticized Over Controversial Post: Are ‘RHONY’ Viewers Just Jealous?

Bethenny Frankel is a strong business woman who knows what it takes to be successful. She has often worked hard on growing her business, and she’s the one in a million who has been able to create a successful brand. Frankel got the idea to create a skinny margarita while filming The Real Housewives of New York. It was a mixed drink with low calories, so women could enjoy a drink without thinking about the calories. Despite entering a male-dominated industry, Bethenny managed to create a sought-after product, and she’s been able to create a multi-million dollar business. However, with success comes criticism and Real Housewives of New York viewers have plenty of things to say.

According to a new Instagram post, Bethenny Frankel is now being criticized for sharing a picture of her doing a yoga pose on top of a Jeep. It’s no secret that Frankel is great at yoga and she’s often sharing pictures of herself doing yoga all over the place. But this picture got some harsh comments, as some people felt she was just sharing this amazing pose for the sake of attention. Of course, Bethenny never really comments on her social media posts, so people quickly came to her defense.

“Upside down you’re turnin’ me. #WheelPose helps ur energy & is a great stretch,” Bethenny Frankel revealed on all of her social media pages, sharing the picture.

“Wow, quite the group of ass kissing brown nosers. You’re an evil mean hearted B*tch. Damaged. Get over yourself,” one person wrote to Bethenny Frankel, while many people questioned how she managed to get up on the Jeep to do the pose and others wondering how she was going to get down.

“Why do women try to bring down other women? She’s smart, she’s successful, she’s strong and decisive, she’s health conscious and she supports women’s charities. Breaking barriers in business and all domains. I am motivated by her success and focus! :-),” one person wrote about Frankel after reading some harsh comment, while others didn’t quite share her opinion.

” I don’t need to do those sorts of things for attention. She needs it, that’s her right, but expect criticism for putting it out there,” one person wrote, while another replied to this follower, writing, “You haven’t addressed ‘gross’ & btw, yoga poses are posted by thousands every day. ‘Needs’ what?…yoga? Sounds like maybe you do judgey girl.”

It is very interesting that her fans are coming to her defense, especially since she is just doing yoga in various places. As one of her followers pointed out, plenty of people post yoga poses every day on Instagram and Bethenny has built a business on being healthy and cutting down on calories. In other words, her posts just support her overall brand message.

Of course, many people have an opinion about Bethenny Frankel because of how she is on The Real Housewives of New York. And at the moment, Frankel is questioning whether she should continue her friendship with Ramona Singer. The two have been friends for years while filming the show together, but during last week’s episode, Singer unleashed her thoughts, which didn’t sit well with Bethenny. Frankel ended up walking out of Dorinda Medley’s home in the Berkshires.

“It’s so sad about you and Ramona. When you had nobody she was there for you. She was lashing out because she was hurt. Life is too short for stupid squabbles. She has a good heart,” one person wrote to Bethenny about Ramona Singer, essentially asking her to give her former friend a second chance.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel getting criticism for her yoga post? Are you surprised that she’s being criticized for being creative?

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]