‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: Claire And Jamie’s Reunion Will Be Delayed

Outlander Season 3 won’t begin airing until September, and fans are finding it hard to contain their excitement about the new batch of episodes. However, when the show does return to Starz in the fall, fans may be a bit disappointed about the lack of Claire and Jamie scenes, at least for awhile.

TV Guide reports that Outlander fans will have a bit of a wait to see Claire and Jamie together again. The show left off with Claire going back through the stones into her own time to reunite with her first husband Frank while Jamie stayed behind to fight in the Battle of Culloden. During the Season 2 finale, Claire’s life flashed by to her daughter Briana’s adulthood. When Claire and Briana found themselves back in Scotland for a funeral. Claire finally came clean to Briana about her biological father, and her time traveling journey.

Upon doing some research, Claire found out that Jamie did not die during the Battle of Culloden, and believed that if she went back through the stones that she may be able to reunite with her lost love twenty years after she had said goodbye to him. Sadly, Claire and Jamie will not be immediately reunited when Outlander Season 3 begins airing.

The show’s executive producer, Ron Moore, revealed during the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, that Claire and Jamie have a while to go before they are reunited again.

Outlander Season 3 begins in September.

“We’re going to keep them apart for a while.”

Moore goes on to say that while Outlander Season 3 will differ a bit from the source material, Diana Gabaldon’s book, Voyager, the major events from the novel that fans are looking forward to seeing will be shown in the season, even if they are a bit out of order.

“The majority of the major events are in the season, but we are probably going to reorder them and present them slightly differently. The third book is a clean narrative as opposed to the second book –which was a very complicated narrative. It still went to Jamie’s storyline for a very long time and then Claire catches up.”

Outlander fans who are hoping the show will dive into Claire’s life after leaving Jamie will be in luck. It seems that many aspects of Claire’s life in the twenty years she was apart from Jamie will be seen by viewers. As many fans know, Claire will become a doctor, and her relationship with Frank will be strained. However, fans won’t be lacking for Jamie scenes either. Both members of the couple’s lives will be shown simultaneously as they go through the years missing one another.

“One of the things we wanted to do was talk about what Claire was doing in those 20 years as well. The way we’ve structured the season allows you to experience both [Jamie and Claire’s lives] at the same time.”

In addition to Claire and Jamie’s stories, fans will get a couple of other perspectives during Outlander Season 3. Briana and Roger’s relationship will take on a life of its own as they work together to help Claire get back to the past and reunite with Jamie.

Outlander Season 3 spoilers: briana and roger

“[Brianna and Roger]’s relationship has to do with their relationship to each other, but also them assisting Claire in trying to figure out after [Jamie] survived Culloden — what happened to him and the search for Jamie in history, at the same time developing their relationship.”

Outlander fans will have to wait until September before the new episodes begin to air, but they are hoping for the best season of the series yet.

What are your thoughts on the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers? Are you excited for the new episodes?

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