‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Shocker: Guess Who’s Back From The Dead?

Fear the Walking Dead fans were shocked after Sunday night’s all-new episode. In the final minutes of the show, a fan-favorite character returned to shock all viewers, as many believed him to be dead.

Warning: There are Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 spoilers below.

According to Comic Book, during Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead episode, it was revealed that the character of Daniel Salazar, played by Ruben Blades, was still alive, although fans and his group had thought that Daniel had died when he set fire to the house in Mexico where his group had been staying. Of course, viewers didn’t see a body, but death was assumed. Now, Daniel, a trained killer, is back, and he may be the exact person that Strand needs to help him save his own life.

Salazar appeared in the final moments to share a scene with Strand as he brought his old friend water. Daniel reminded his friend that he told him he would be his “guardian angel” someday. Strand, who was forced into labor by his former business associate, Dante, has found himself enslaved and in serious trouble.

Salazar appears, gives Strand the water, and watches him gulp it down.

“I knew you’d drink it all,” Daniel tells him, seemingly hinting that he agrees with Dante’s beliefs about Strand being selfish and greedy.

No details have been given on how Daniel survived the fire or where he has been since splitting with Madison, Strand, and the others. However, viewers are hoping to find out through some flashbacks exactly what Mr. Salazar has been up to.

fear the walking dead shocker: daniel salazar is alive.
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Fans are now hoping Salazar will save Strand by freeing him from his imprisonment and that the two extremely smart men will team up. On Sunday, Fear the Walking Dead executive producer Dave Erikson told fans during a panel at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, that Daniel is back, and that the show had been “looking forward” to bringing the character back to the show for a long time.

“What we saw is real. Daniel is back. We’ve been looking forward to bringing him back for a long time. This is just a little bit of a taste. Next week is actually a very Daniel-centric episode. We’ll get a lot of information about where he’s been, what happened and how he found his way to the dam.”

Now that Daniel is officially back on Fear the Walking Dead, fans also want to know what happened to his daughter, Ofelia, played by Mercedes Mason. Ofelia has yet to appear in an episode during Season 3, and fans haven’t seen her since she fled Madison’s group at the hotel. Daniel may not have found Ofelia yet, but it seems that his main concern is getting her back and keeping her safe somewhere. It appears that he may have been looking for his daughter when he found Strand.

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Meanwhile, Fear the Walking Dead viewers know that Daniel’s mental state will also likely come into play. When fans last saw him, he was having some hallucinations about his dead wife, which led him to become very mentally unstable and eventually set the fire at the house in Mexico.

Daniel’s seeming re-emergence from death has fans wondering if there is any possible way the character of Travis could also reappear. Travis was shot a couple of times in the Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 premiere and threw himself out of a helicopter in front of Alicia. While his death seems pretty final, viewers are still holding out hope that he may be alive somewhere.

What are your thoughts on Daniel Salazar’s return during Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead?

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