‘Alaskan Bush People’: What’s Next For The Brown Family Now That The Show Is Almost Over?

With the final season of Alaskan Bush People finally upon us, fans are scrambling to find out what will happen to the Brown family now that their time on the Discovery Channel is coming to an end. Will they stay in Alaska’s city, or will they return to the bush? And what about the claims that the show is fake? And what about Ami Brown — is she okay? Will things turn out better for her?

These were just a few of the many things that were answered on last night’s Alaskan Bush People episode, titled “One for All,” according to a previous report by the Inquisitr. The Brown family hasn’t confirmed or denied that matriarch Ami Brown has cancer, however, it seems as though they’ve moved to the “Lower 48” to help get her the treatment she so desperately needs, which can only mean that the cancer has advanced.

“She reportedly has lung cancer that is at its late stage, as the Inquisitr previously learned from a Facebook page called Alaskan Bush People Exposed. There is no official confirmation from the Brown family or the Discovery Channel regarding the nature of Ami’s sickness. But if the cancer rumors turned out to be true, it would be no wonder the production for Season 7 has been pushed early. The Browns had filmed a ‘Farewell to Browntown’ episode, and some of the family members are reportedly in Los Angeles now, where Ami is receiving treatment.”

Meanwhile, the Discovery Channel’s official site did a video interview with the Alaskan Bush People stars, and they tell a very different story. Billy Bob Brown and Ami Brown are pictured in the video, and they claim that they “can’t wait to get home, where they belong,” which is in the Alaskan bush.

The other family members agree with their patriarch’s sentiments, citing reasons like people “wigging” when they’re in the parking lot using their bow and arrow to go hunting in the city (because there aren’t any grocery stores, apparently, in major Alaskan cities), and claiming that the city makes them feel “claustrophobic” and like they’re choking.

If they feel that way about a big city in Alaska, how can they survive being in big cities like Los Angeles and New York City? (And this writer doesn’t recommend that the Brown family whip out their bow and arrow in New York City, either.)

And don’t take the cow, either. There’s no place to fit it in Manhattan.

Finally, according to the Hollywood Gossip, the stars of Alaskan Bush People are going to make this season the most dramatic one yet. According to them, these “dark times” obviously stem from Ami’s cancer diagnosis, which is going on even if they don’t make a formal statement about it.

“According to the official Alaskan Bush People website, for instance, the Browns are about to encounter their ‘darkest hour yet.’ And it’s not hard to understand why. Among the spoilers we’ve come across, there’s been chatter that Ami Brown is battling a serious diagnosis of lung cancer. It will be a prominent storyline on the upcoming season, with rumors even spreading that she’s somewhere in the lower 48 states, receiving treatment. We may not even see any of Ami in Alaska itself, which would be a pretty major departure for the series.”

Alaskan Bush People airs on the Discovery Channel. Check your local listings for time and station.

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