Is ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Star Lawrence Saint-Victor Joining The Cast Of ‘Big Brother 19’?

The newest Big Brother 19 spoilers suggest that Bold and the Beautiful hunk Lawrence Saint-Victor joined the cast of the CBS summer reality TV series. Saint-Victor plays the role of Carter Walton on The Bold and the Beautiful, but due to his relaxed schedule, he is often away for weeks on end, which would allow him to squeeze in a stint on Big Brother 19 this summer.

CBS has not revealed the BB19 cast yet, but there is already a massive amount of speculation about who could be joining the show. Multiple Twitter leaks have suggested that Zach Rance (Big Brother 16), Cire Fields (Survivor), and Ozzy Lusth (Survivor) could be part of Big Brother 19.

Is Lawrence Saint-Victor Joining BB19?

Saint-Victor is a recurring actor on The Bold and the Beautiful. Over the weekend, a Twitter user leaked information that he will allegedly be part of the Big Brother 19 cast. Fans of the CBS reality TV show were excited to see how a soap opera actor, someone used to portraying drama, would do inside the “pressure cooker” known as the Big Brother house.

Lawrence is easy going and makes friends easily. If he did join the cast and plays his cards right, he could go far in the game.

Lawrence Saint-Victor, Big Brother 19
Is it possible that Lawrence Saint-Victor joined the Big Brother 19 cast? [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Image]

His schedule with The Bold and the Beautiful is completely flexible —
he is only seen on the show once in a while. Soap opera fans have complained for several months that CBS isn’t utilizing Saint-Victor well. Is it possible that they were trying to essentially write him out of the storylines to free him up for Big Brother 19?

If the leak is true and Larence did join the cast of Big Brother 19, it could bring new fans to the CBS reality TV show. Soap opera fans feel a deep connection to their favorite actors, and Larence Saint-Victor has been on Bold and the Beautiful since 1987. As such, he could bring in many new viewers.

Did Zach Rance Joined BB19?

Zach Rance was a fan favorite during Big Brother 16. He was entertaining and made bold moves. After he left the house, many Big Brother fans speculated that he would return eventually. The Twitter leak revealed that Zach Rance would be joining the cast of BB19. Apparently, they claim that he has already completed his preseason interview and will be sequestered in the next few days.

Robyn Kass, the Big Brother casting director, denied the claim that CBS blacklisted Zach. It led to the speculation that it was a hint that he was going to be on BB19.

Yesterday, Twitter user BBLeaker stated that any social media posts by Zach and Lawrence are not them, rather whoever they put in charge of their accounts. Rance posted a picture of himself with a barely-there towel on Instagram. Zach frequently posts images like this one, so it’s hard to tell if it was Zach posting or the people he may have put in charge of his social media account.

In the image, Zach has a towel around his waist in what appears to be a hotel bathroom. On the bathroom counter, you can see a hotel receipt. It could support the claim that Zach will appear on Big Brother 19.

The House Reveal Coming

According to the Twitter user, CBS will make an announcement about the House reveal. According to the leaker, the house reveal will be Tuesday, June 13 and the cast reveal will be the following week on Tuesday, June 20.

Big Brother 19 fans, do you think Bold and the Beautiful star Lawrence Saint-John joined the cast of BB19? Do you believe Zach Rance will appear on the CBS reality series this summer?

Big Brother 19 returns June 28 with a two-hour season premiere on CBS and CBS All Access.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]