Jenelle Evans Mom: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Called Police On Mother Barbara Due To A Concern About Her Son Jace

Jenelle Evans called the cops on her mother during what is being described as a blowout fight last month.

According to a new report, the Teen Mom 2 star phoned police over Mother’s Day weekend and complained that her mom was holding her 7-year-old son Jace hostage at her home in North Carolina.

“We received a call that there was concern about the welfare of the children in the home,” Brad Shirley, the Boiling Springs Lake Chief, revealed to Radar Online on June 12.

Shirley revealed that the dispute between Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, occurred after Barbara allegedly refused to honor a previously agreed upon visit between Jenelle and Jace.

“I did not want to let Jace see her,” Barbara told Radar Online in response to the call. “Jace did not want to go with her. I told Jace and another grandchild to just hide in the house. She came over and banged on my garage and windows for a full hour. She was going ballistic. I thought ‘Jesus Christ, she’s going to break my windows.'”

“The kids were hiding in the bedroom petrified,” she added.

Jenelle Evans reportedly called the cops on her mother at that point and claimed Barbara was suffering from a mental illness. However, because Barbara has custody of the child, Jenelle Evans was informed by police that if she didn’t vacate her mother’s property, she would be arrested.

“As the property owner, she [Barbara] has a right to dictate who can be on that property,” Shirley explained. “Both parties were given advice and were told what could happen if the situation escalated. This could be considered trespassing and it doesn’t matter what the relationship is. If you don’t have the rights to a residence, you could be trespassing.”

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Jenelle Evans ultimately left the home and Barbara did not reveal what it was that kept her from handing Jace over to his mother.

“We made contact with Grandma immediately and determined this was a civil matter and that the concerns needed to be taken to the judge. This was nothing law enforcement needs to get involved with, it was a custody dispute,” Shirley continued.

At the time of the incident, Jenelle Evans’ mother was acting as Jace’s legal guardian and had every right to deny her daughter time with her son. As fans may recall, the longtime reality star signed over her custody rights to Jace years ago and has yet to reclaim custody of the child.

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Although Jenelle Evans did not have any rights to Jace last month, she has since been awarded scheduled visitation with the child. At the end of last month, as Radar Online explained, Jenelle Evans and her mother faced off in court where Evans ultimately lost her bid for custody but scored a small win with her new visitation arrangement with Jace.

Since her court date, Jenelle Evans has been enjoying her time with Jace and after spending time as a family during the Memorial Day holiday, the pair traveled to the beach where they were seen riding horses with Evans’ fiancé, David Eason, and his oldest daughter Maryssa.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason share one daughter, 4-month-old Ensley, and the reality star also shares a 2-year-old with her ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle Evans and her family, including her mother, Barbara Evans, and her kids, are currently in the midst of production on the eighth season of Teen Mom 2. The series will return to MTV this summer.

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