‘Little People Big World’ Star Tori Roloff Flaunts Post-Baby Body, Shares Adorable Update On Her Son!

One of the most popular shows on TLC today is none other than Little People Big World, which focuses on different members of the Roloff family as they try to make their way through life as little people in a world made for “big people.”

And the big breakout star of the show is none other than Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, who just gave birth to their son, Jackson.

Much ado has been made about all the nice things being done for Jackson — including his new room that Tori designed herself — but there’s something else that’s making the news as of late: Tori Roloff’s gorgeous post-baby body!

Many women find it difficult to lose weight after the birth of a baby, but apparently, Little People Big World star Tori Roloff isn’t one of them. According to Us Weekly, she posted a photo of her new post-baby body on Instagram, and needless to say, she looks amazing.

“The woman’s body is the craziest thing,” the Little People, Big World star captioned the side-by-side photos of her at one week and three weeks post-baby. “The fact that I was able to grow a human has given me so much respect. Love what the good Lord gave you. He knows what He’s doing.”

Meanwhile, according to Romper, fellow Little People Big World star Zach Roloff — who is also Tori’s husband — has said that he’s now a diaper changing pro since he’s changed so many of Jackson’s diapers.

Zach had a bit of a head start — after all, he’s the older brother of two siblings, so it stands to reason that he’s helped out his mom before — but it’s very different when it’s your own child.

Now that he knows how to change a diaper, parenting should be a breeze, right?

“All jokes aside, in a new video blog shared TLC’s YouTube channel, Zach and Tori revealed some new information about how they’re tackling parenthood. It seems like, in the past month since son Jackson Kyle Roloff was born on May 12, things have only been positive for the new family of three, which is promising, at least. In their first on camera appearance with Jackson, the Roloff family was happy (albeit a bit exhausted, to be sure), sharing updates about baby Jackson and life as new parents. ‘He’s been pretty easy, minus when he’s hungry,’ Tori said.”

And even though the main stars of Little People Big World, Matt and Amy Roloff, have gotten divorced, it’s good to know that they’ve put aside their differences and come together to not only congratulate their son but to talk about their fond wishes for their new grandson.

The outlet is giving the family a cover story this week, and needless to say, they gave some of the most memorable quotes ever.

“I feel blessed and beyond excited that the Roloff farm is alive and well with the birth of Jackson Kyle,” Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff tells People exclusively of his son Zach’s newborn, who is featured in the current issue of the magazine. “There’s definitely a new sheriff in town,” continues Matt. “I can’t wait for him to create childhood memories on the farm like Zach did.”

The outlet went on to say that they were happy that little Jackson, like them, suffers from dwarfism, because they know what to do to help him be all he can be.

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[Featured Image by TLC]