Ryan Edwards Drugs: His Wife Mackenzie Standifer Fights Back Against Allegations As He Remains In Rehab?

Ryan Edwards is reportedly seeking treatment for an alleged drug addiction in rehab and on Twitter, his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is doing her best to keep the ongoing rumors regarding the reality star’s struggles at bay.

Although Standifer has yet to confirm or deny E! News‘ report last week, which suggested the longtime Teen Mom OG star and father of 8-year-old Bentley Edwards was doing well in rehab, she has taken a stand against several people on Twitter, including Edwards’ former girlfriend, Dalis Connell.

On June 10, Ryan Edwards shared a re-tweet, suggesting that someone’s opinion was completely incorrect.

The message read, “Ravioli ravioli your opinion is wrongioli.”

The comment came after Mackenzie Standifer blasted Connell for her Radar Online interview, in which she suggested Edwards had gone to rehab in 2012 for an addiction to pills.

As fans may have seen, both Ryan Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and his mother, Jennifer Edwards, took aim at Connell on Twitter after the interview was conducted and in one tweet, Standifer threatened Connell with a potential release of her own secret about her past. Days later, Standifer followed through with her threat, claiming the fitness buff was also on pills.

After Connell told Standifer that she was unsure about what she was talking about when it came to a connection to Ryan Edwards years ago, Standifer tweeted back to her, saying, “Let me refresh your memory, Drew, ya know the same guy that helped you get your own pills.. is that why you need the money so badly?”

In response, Connell confirmed that the only pills she uses are ones that improve her health, including Vitamin C, fish oil, and daily vitamins.

Ryan Edwards’ wife then accused Connell of snorting pills. “Lol you forgot a few on your list, but that’s ok. I guess that’s what drugs do when they go up your nose… eat away at the brain,” she wrote.

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Ryan Edwards’ wife has faced tons of backlash in recent weeks and after her harsh criticism of Connell and her allegations against her, many fans accused her of being hypocritical and others claimed she was making Edwards’ look worse with her ongoing tweets.

“Just let him get help and stop looking for attention. This is the man you choose good bad or ugly right so worry about that,” one person wrote.

“Why do you care?!?” they continued. “If you are so happy and know it is not true then why bother? He is getting help right which means there was an issue.”

As the backlash continued, Connell was applauded for leaving Ryan Edwards behind and embarking on a healthy life without him.

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In response to the shocking allegations of having snorted pills, Dalis Connell fired back at Ryan Edwards’ wife, telling the reality star, “Your boyfriend is the snorter babe. Look where it got him. This is so comical [and] petty so I’ll stop – I truly hope things get better for y’all.”

Ryan Edwards began dating Mackenzie Standifer in early 2016 and later that year after Standifer caught the bouquet at Maci Bookout’s wedding, the couple became engaged. Then, earlier this month, after reports claimed Edwards had been in rehab for a couple of weeks, Us Weekly magazine confirmed the pair had secretly wed before he checked into treatment.

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