Princess Diana Tried To Cut Her Wrists Just Weeks After Her Marriage To Prince Charles

Practically everyone knows that Princess Diana was not happy in her marriage with Prince Charles, but nobody knew the extent of her suffering. Apparently, things got so bad that Diana tried to kill or at least hurt herself by slashing her wrists.

Secret recordings of Diana pouring her heart out have recently surfaced. These secret tapes detail the real story, as told by the late Princess of Wales herself, as to how her supposedly fairy tale wedding quickly fell in shambles.

It was in 1991 when Diana decided to tell her story to Andrew Morton, the controversial author behind Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography, Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, Monica’s Story, and Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words. Morton’s book on Diana is currently being republished to commemorate the death of Princess Diana which happened exactly twenty years ago. The new version of Diana: Her True Story now includes transcripts from the said secret tapes.

The Sun reported that the secret tapes recorded Diana saying she attempted to slash her wrists just weeks after her wedding with Prince Charles. The royal couple was supposedly staying at the Balmoral Castle after their honeymoon when Diana attempted to hurt herself. The newly-released portion of the secret tapes shares what supposedly happened a couple of days before July 29, 1981, the day Diana and Charles were wed.

“I was so depressed, and I was trying to cut my wrists with razor blades. It rained and rained and rained.”

Diana related that on July 27, a Monday, she had gone to St. Paul’s for their rehearsal where she recounted that “the camera lights were on full.” This was when the princess “got a sense of what the day was going to be.” Upon her realization, Diana couldn’t help but cry.

“I sobbed my eyes out. I absolutely collapsed and it was because of all sorts of things. “The Camilla thing rearing its head the whole way through our engagement.”

Diana explained that part of the reason why she felt so desperate at the time was Camilla Parker-Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall. Charles and Camilla were in a relationship before the Prince of Wales got married to Diana.

The Princess of Wales also admitted that she was at the time suffering from bulimia, a disorder in which the victim has an obsessive desire to lose weight yet struggles with bouts of consuming large amounts of food. Depression is also a symptom of bulimia. The part of the secret tapes which tells about the disorder was revealed beforehand.

“Nobody understood what was going on there. It was very hush-hush. I was sick as a parrot that night. It was such an indication of what was going on.”

Diana was staying at the Clarence House with her sister Jane whom she recounted was very amused at her for eating everything she “could possibly find.” The following morning, Diana recalled that she was very calm despite her lack of sleep and the anticipation for the day ahead.

“I was very, very calm, deathly calm. I felt I was a lamb to the slaughter. I knew it and couldn’t do anything about it. My last night of freedom with Jane at Clarence House.”

At the wedding, Diana had mixed emotions. “Happiness because the crowds buoyed you up,” she said. “But I don’t think I was happy.”

“As I walked up the aisle, I was looking for her (Camilla). I knew she was in there, of course. I looked for her.”

Diana finally saw Camilla as she was walking back to the aisle. She described how Camilla looked that day. “Pale grey, veiled pillbox hat, saw it all, her son Tom standing on a chair,” said Diana. “To this day, you know – vivid memory.”

According to the secret tapes, Princess Diana and Prince Charles were at Balmoral from August to October. It was during this time that Diana became “terribly, terribly thin” and people were telling her that her bones were showing.

Diana then went to London to seek treatment. She went there early “not because [Diana] hated Balmoral but because [she] was in such a bad way.” Diana was seen by “all the analysts and psychiatrists you could ever dream of.” The Princess was put in “high doses of Valium and everything else” to sort her out according to her confession.

“They could go to bed at night and sleep, knowing the Princess of Wales wasn’t going to stab anyone.”

According to Daily Mail, Diana knew that Charles saw Camilla Parker Bowles again come 1991. Her devastation in discovering the affair led Diana to share her feelings with Morton through a go-between.

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