Paramedic And Firefighter Fondle Teen Having Seizures, Jared David Evans Told Intern, ‘I Had To’

A teenage girl that was having seizures was allegedly fondled by Jared David Evans, a Sacramento paramedic and firefighter. According to reports, he did it in front of an intern and reportedly said, “Sorry, man, I had to.”

When first responders arrive at a scene, everyone believes they are there to help. However, a 19-year-old girl’s trust was violated by a man who was supposed to be transporting her to the hospital. As a result, it may cause her to not want to seek the help of paramedics ever again.

According to CrimeFeed, an ambulance was dispatched to pick up a 19-year-old who was having seizures on April 1. Sacramento paramedics loaded her into the ambulance, but that’s when things took a horrifying turn. In front of an intern, Jared David Evans, 32, opened the victim’s shirt and pulled out one of her breasts. After fondling it, he placed it back in the girl’s bra and reportedly said to the intern, “Sorry man, I had to.” The accused believed that the girl was unconscious, but it turns out that would only be partially true.

The intern reported the incident to a superior two weeks later, on April 16. Two days later, police began investigating the allegations. On April 24, law enforcement officers interviewed the girl. Although her eyes were closed and she could not move, she could feel and hear everything that was happening. She was aware that she was being sexually violated by someone who was supposed to be helping her during a medical emergency. The teen told investigators that she recalls Evans saying she had big breasts. Then, she felt a hand going in her shirt and pulling out one of her breasts. According to KCRA Channel 3, Sacramento Fire Chief Walt White discussed the allegations against Jared David Evans.

“When these allegations were brought to the attention of fire administration, we immediately notified the office of public safety and accountability and requested a full law enforcement investigation.”

On April 21, Jared David Evans was put on paid administrative leave. He had been working for the Sacremento Fire Department for two years. On June 5, police said the suspect was arrested and charged with misdemeanor sexual battery, Fox 40 reports. He turned himself in when he found out there was a warrant issued for his arrest. He was released on a $3,000 bond and is due back in court on September 26.

The Sacramento Fire Chief issued a written statement regarding Jared David Evans following the arrest.

“The Sacramento Fire Department takes all citizen complaints seriously, and works quickly to take appropriate actions to mitigate them. When this complaint was made to Fire Administration, it was immediately forwarded to Law Enforcement officials and a formal investigation was requested. Although the case is ongoing, and all facts are not yet known, the Sacramento Fire Department wants to assure the public that we are fully cooperating with the investigation, and working to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.”

The assault allegedly happened not only in front of an intern, but another paramedic as well. It was not made clear if the paramedic who said and did nothing would face any kind of charges or disciplinary action. It was also not explained why the intern waited two weeks before telling a superior what happened.

What do you think of Jared David Evans allegedly fondling a teenage girl who was having seizures? Should the Sacramento firefighter and paramedic face more severe charges than misdemeanor sexual battery and paid administrative leave? What kind of consequences are appropriate in this case? Should the paramedic who said nothing about the incident also be charged with a crime?

[Featured Image by Rich Pedroncelli/AP Images]