Bill Clinton Rumors: Former President May Become Ambassador To Ireland

New rumors are swirling around former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton, who helped President Obama win re-election this year, may work with the Obama administration to guide peace relations between Israel and Palestine. But Clinton is also being considered for a less stressful job: The US Ambassador to Ireland.

Clinton loves Ireland and probably wouldn’t mind setting up camp in the Emerald Isle but the former President may not be ready to “retire” just yet.

Clinton has visited Ireland three times this year. After his last trip in November he said that he wanted to “run for president of Ireland.” That may not be legally possible at the moment but Clinton may be able to land a different political job in Ireland.

Hillary Clinton added a little fuel to the fire when she was asked about the possibility of Bill becoming the Ambassador of Ireland. Hillary didn’t confirm the rumor but she didn’t deny it either.

Hillary said:

“I cannot comment on what President Obama might do in the second term, it’s his decision but I would think that my husband will be here many times in the future and doing the work that he has been doing without having the title of ambassador.”

According to the AFP, Bill helped Northern Ireland in the 1990s sign a peace treaty that ended three decades of bloodshed between protestants and Catholics.

Deputy Martin McGuinness said:

“Both Hillary and Bill Clinton have been absolutely vital voices for us in our process and that is something that has to be recognized, over many, many years.”

Do you think Bill Clinton should become the ambassador to Ireland?