Child Joins Street Singer In Poland, Steals The Show In Adorable Viral Video

Video of a child who joins a street singer in Poland has made the rounds on the web on Friday, showcasing the pitch-perfect vocals of the toddler who steals the performance.

The video starts with the child already sitting in a stroller next to the street singer, and it’s not clear exactly how the kid got there, though someone is seen early in the video adjusting the child’s stroller next to the singer. As the Yahoo! News blog The Sideshow notes, the talent is hard to miss.

In fact, the child who joins the street singer even outshines the older performer, even though it’s clear the kid doesn’t know all the words and is just singing noises to go along with much of the song.

The video of the child who joins the street singer came from Kamil Litwinowicz. It was taken in the main square of Krakow, Poland, and show small crowds of people who filter by the impromptu street performance, one of them stopping to put money into the man’s collection box.


In a time of carefully packaged reality shows that seem to exploit the young singers they also promote, the video of the child joining the street singer is refreshing to many viewers. The child seems to have no motivation other than to belt out a tune as loudly as possible and have a good time.

Video of the child who joins the street singer was an almost instant hit on YouTube. Since being uploaded just five days ago, it has already sailed past 500,000 views and at last notice was nearing 650,000.