‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’: Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Make Baby Plans

The season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians brought some good news to Khloe Kardashian!

This season has seen her sister, Kim Kardashian, struggle with trying and failing to get pregnant, due to fertility issues. In tonight’s episode, Kim hinted that she thought Khloe would be the perfect candidate to carry her child. Khloe Kardashian, who has struggled with conceiving in the past, was open to the idea, so she made an appointment to see a fertility specialist. Unfortunately, things didn’t look good for Khloe upon her first visit.

The doctor informed Khloe that the number of follicles she should have had at 32 years of age were below average. A woman of her age should have had 10 follicles. Khloe, however, only had five follicles, which she was instructed to freeze. The doctor then instructed her to lay off of the birth control pills and come back to him, once they were out of her system.

Khloe’s second visit brought her good news, however. Upon re-examining her, the doctor revealed that Khloe Kardashian did indeed have enough follicles to carry a child—possibly Kim’s.

Unfortunately, for Kim Kardashian, this turn of events might not benefit her has she’d hope. Upon hearing the news that she would indeed be able to conceive a baby of her own, Khloe Kardashian’s interest turned to herself and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

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Instead of being Kim’s surrogate, Khloe Kardashian pondered over whether her first pregnancy should be with her own child..

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“Tristan and I definitely talk about starting a family,” she revealed.

“He wants to have five or six kids with me and that’s lovely. We could start at one and we could grow from there. But now knowing I’m not on birth control is just like—it’s scary. It’s like a really big step.”

It would make sense that Khloe Kardashian would consider prioritizing her own possible family over Kim’s. Kim Kardashian already has two children. Khloe has no children, though that may not totally be all of nature’s fault.

When Khloe Kardashian was still married to Lamar Odom, she opened up about the difficulty they faced trying to conceive a child. In 2013, after three years of trying with Lamar hadn’t produced a baby, Khloe opened up about her struggles to Redbook.

“I do think my difficulty getting pregnant has helped a lot of women. Do I wish people would quit asking me about it 24/7? Yes, but I don’t regret it,” she said.

“I was 26 when that started, and I admit, I didn’t know a lot about my body. It was hard for me to understand what was happening because my mom had six kids and Kourtney got pregnant quickly. People assume I’m desperate for a baby. And yes, I would love to have a baby. But I’m 28, and I’ve been married three and a half years. I love my life, but it doesn’t feel incomplete right now.”

However, during tonight’s episode, Khloe revealed that she wasn’t trying as hard as she could have to get pregnant.

“When I was doing my fertility treatments, they were more so for Lamar,” she admitted.

“I had to stop because there was much deeper stuff that was happening in our marriage. I knew that it wasn’t the right situation to bring a child into, and I think I’ve done a lot of covering up for him, like even when it made me look like I was the problem. But I was fine taking on that burden on my shoulders because he had a lot of other deeper s—t to deal with.”

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