Ashley Graham Angers Plus-Size Fans By Using Word ‘Fat’ In Negative Way

Ashley Graham is dealing with some backlash from the plus-size community, including from fellow curvy model Tess Holliday, after saying she has “fat days.”

The 29-year-old model gave a recent interview that appears to have angered more than a few people after she used the word “fat” in a negative manner. Graham was quoted by People magazine as saying she sometimes “feels fat” during an interview with StyleWatch for its latest issue.

“There are some days I feel fat. I’m not convinced there’s going to be a moment where every woman in the world wakes up and feels like a million dollars.”

Graham is typically viewed as a body-positive proponent, but this specific quote is not going over well with her fans. Women have taken to social media to express their displeasure with Ashley’s statement since it was made public earlier this month.

Fashion site The Revelist covered the drama as it quoted many of the responses to Graham’s use of the word “fat” and explained why some people are offended by Graham’s statement.

“By equating feeling fat with feeling undesirable, Graham is basically saying it’s a bad thing to be and/or “feel” fat.”

The Revelist then quoted tweets from women who took offense to Ashley’s use of the term “feeling fat.”

“Ashley Graham sweetie you do know you’re a plus size model and using the term fat in a negative connotation isn’t very smart right?”

Another Twitter user went as far as to say Graham is not body positive, after all.

“Just your daily reminder that fat is not a feeling and Ashley Graham is not body positive.”

While plenty of women expressed their opinion on Ashley’s interview, it was fellow plus-size model Tess Holliday who added a bit of her own drama to the situation. Holliday not so subtly replied to Graham with a photo on Twitter.

“When you wake up “feeling fat” everyday because you are fat.”

Her fans took to commenting on the June 5 post as they applauded her response. Some people commented that “fat” isn’t a feeling, contrary to what Ashley said during her StyleWatch interview.

“I am fat but I don’t wake up feeling ‘fat.’ I just feel like me. Is fat supposed to feel different? Is this just me?”

The Revelist continued on to state while Graham may be a size 16, she has the “right” type of fat according to society standards.

“Not to mention, Graham has the ‘right’ type of fat body, according to most: Hourglass curves, big booty, flat tummy, large breasts. Even on her fattest days, Graham’s body is still deemed “acceptable” by society’s skewed standards.”

Perhaps this reason is why some felt the need to tell Graham her statement on feeling fat was one of the “dumbest” things she has said.

“I Love Ashley Graham, but this might be the dumbest statement ever! You feel fat? Using ‘fat’ as a negative word is weird coming from her.”

However, not all of Ashley’s fans are offended by the statement as they took to social media in her defense. The Revelist reported some people did not understand the need for such negative backlash given Graham’s role in the body-positivity movement.

“Some fans didn’t understand why Graham’s followers were so upset by her “fat days” comment — especially considering how much Graham has done to promote body positivity.”

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While people debated whether or not Ashley’s statement was offensive, some Twitter users attempted to explain why there is an issue with it in the first place. Simone Mariposa, a body-positive advocate, brought up the subject of equating feeling fat with feeling ugly.

“Your “bopo” [body-positive] fave is still using “fat” as a synonym for ugly.”

Perhaps Graham did not realize how her words would be perceived by the community, or perhaps people are misinterpreting what she meant when she said she has days where she “feels fat.” After all, Ashley’s curves are what landed her in the fashion industry, and she seems to embrace them— stretch marks and all.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]