June 11, 2017
WWE News: Superstar Suffers Serious Neck Injury During Event In United Kingdom - Taken Out On A Stretcher

Whenever wrestlers step into the ring, there is the risk of great injury and on Sunday, there was a very scary moment that happened to a WWE superstar. Mark Andrews just joined WWE earlier this year and has the chance to become a huge name for their United Kingdom brand, but he's badly hurt. During a match on Sunday, Andrews took a vicious shot from the Authors of Pain which saw him immediately grab his neck and have to be taken out on a stretcher.

Mark Andrews is a WWE UK superstar who used to wrestle in TNA Impact Wrestling as "Mandrews," but he started his career in Vince McMahon's company earlier this year. He's known as a high-flyer who has a lot of fight in him and backs down from no one, but it may have gotten the best of him.

On Sunday, Andrews was in a 4-on-4 tag match at the Download Festival in the United Kingdom, as reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet. The match saw Andrews team with Aleister Black, Roderick Strong, and Drew McIntyre to take on Bobby Roode, Pete Dunne, and the Authors of Pain.

During the match, Andrews was in the match with one of the members of the Authors of Pain when he took a vicious clothesline/forearm shot. Andrews instantly fell to the mat and rolled around grabbing his neck which led the referee to frantically check on him while keeping the AOP back.

The event they were wrestling at is the Download Festival and the superstars of WWE and NXT were performing at NXT Download. After a couple of minutes in the ring, Andrews rolled to the floor while still holding his neck as emergency personnel ran out to treat him.

EMTs were working on him and eventually placed him on a stretcher to take him out of the ringside area and to a waiting ambulance.

After it happened, there was really no word as to what Mark Andrews' condition was or how he was doing until a couple of hours after the injury first took place. A number of different tweets were coming out with people wondering what had happened or how he was doing, but British independent wrestler Eddie Dennis finally had word.About two hours later, Mark Andrews himself finally updated all of the fans on his condition.Hopefully, he's going to be alright and when more information comes about his condition, it is all positive.

It's been a rather busy weekend for Mark Andrews as NXT sees their United Kingdom tour come to a close at the Download Festival. As reported by Cageside Seats, Andrews was playing a set on stage on Saturday night when current WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne ran out and attacked him.

It was a pretty brutal attack out of nowhere and only the start of the rough weekend for Mark Andrews. Still, Andrews got the better of the champion by doing a flip off of the stage and landing right on top of Dunne who was on the floor.

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Mark Andrews is only 25-years-old and has been wrestling for more than a decade with many years still ahead of him. He spent a good deal of time with TNA Impact Wrestling where fans lovingly knew him as Mandrews, but he has now moved on and is finally a WWE superstar. The shot he took from the Authors of Pain looked really bad and anytime someone grabs their neck and needs to be stretchered out, it isn't a good sign. All we can hope is that he truly isn't hurt too badly and will be back in the ring soon.

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