'Big Brother 19' Rumors: Casting Director Robyn Kass Refutes 'BB19' Cast Member Leak

Big Brother 19 rumors were addressed by casting director Robyn Kass. A rumored BB19 cast member had been getting a lot of attention on Twitter on Sunday (June 11), with quite a few people stating that they had inside information about him joining the show. In fact, several Twitter users were claiming he had already been sequestered for the show. When people started posting that Robyn Kass knew him and followed him on Twitter, it appears that she felt it was time to make a post of her own to set the record straight.

"Guys, never seen him in my life. Sorry to disappoints."
The brief response said everything about this possible BB19 cast member and may have officially put these Big Brother 19 rumors to bed. While Robyn Kass likely already knows who is going to be on the show this season, she has done a great job at keeping it under wraps. That has also been the case for many prior seasons, even though she routinely gives hints and shares her excitement about what might be coming up each summer. Maybe she felt that this particular rumor needed to come to an end, especially since people all over Twitter were sharing pictures they found.So who is the mystery man who kept popping up in Big Brother 19 rumors today? His name is Mitchell Maggard or at least that is the name he uses on an Instagram account. Currently, he has 32 posts, 3,780 followers, and 425 people that he follows. The specific post that people are sharing on Twitter is a photo of him at Gold's Gym, with other people working out in the background. It actually looks like a picture that someone might send in to be on a reality competition show, possibly causing many people to believe that these are true Big Brother 19 rumors.

These latest Big Brother 19 rumors continue a weekend with many Twitter accounts claiming to have specific information about how the summer 2017 season will play out. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, that includes a partial BB19 cast list that got released earlier in the weekend. Four semi-famous people are in that group, including a former Survivor contestant and a former houseguest on Big Brother. A returning houseguest would contradict prior Big Brother 19 rumors stating that this season would have an entirely new BB19 cast.

Despite the post by Robyn Kass on Twitter, there are still people on social media sharing the Instagram photos of Mitchell Maggard and claiming that he is a BB19 cast member. This is where that old adage about no publicity being bad publicity comes into play, as it continues to get the word out that CBS is about to kick off Big Brother Season 19 this summer. Once people stop talking about Mr. Maggard, there will just be a new name rumored to be leaked.

With less than 10 days until the world finds out who will be inside the BB19 house, die-hard fans of the show are becoming overanxious in a quest for information. That's not surprising since all spring there had been Big Brother 19 rumors about a possible All-Star cast this summer. While it's still possible, all of the Big Brother casting calls seem to point to a new group of people ready to play the game.

The Big Brother live feeds are already looking for new subscribers, with CBS allowing people to watch past episodes from all of the previous seasons. Unfortunately, the live feeds for this season won't get turned on until after the second episode airs on CBS for the West Coast. For any fans looking to familiarize themselves with the Big Brother 19 schedule, another previous report by the Inquisitr breaks that down for this summer. With the season premiere on June 28, though, there is still plenty of time for more Big Brother 19 rumors to come out first.

[Featured Image by Vince Bucci/Getty Images]