What Fans Of ‘RHOP’ Should Know About Gizelle Bryant’s Scandalous Ex Jamal Bryant And Their Doomed Marriage

These days, RHOP Gizelle Bryant seems to be happy to hand out marital advice and criticism to her Potomac pals because she has her divorce behind her, but it hasn’t been too long since Gizelle was at the center of her own scandal with her cheating husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant. The RHOP star and Jamal Bryant, head of the megachurch, together have three children, but rumors swirl that the pastor has other children out of wedlock. Since their divorce, Jamal Bryant seems to blame his cheating and other issues on the women he cheated with and preaches about misogyny and homophobia, using words like “h*es and sissies.”

But of course, Gizelle Bryant isn’t the only member of Real Housewives of Potomac with a cheating ex-husband with a dark past, as both Eddie Jordan and Juan Dixon both have brought their own issues to RHOP. Juan Dixon and his current ex-wife Robyn Dixon still live together, but like Gizelle and Jamal Bryant, their marriage also ended because of infidelity. Juan Dixon had a troubled childhood, as both of his parents died of AIDS while Juan was in high school. But despite these challenges, Juan Dixon became a star basketball player at the University of Maryland and went on to play professional basketball for the Washington Wizards amongst other teams.

While RHOP Gizelle Bryant walks around now with attitude, her ex-husband Pastor Jamal Bryant of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland, put her through her own sort of hell in the past. Gizelle recalls that she found out the hard way that Jamal was cheating on her.

“Actually the young lady told me. She called me and told me. That was a lovely day. So then after that, obviously I approached him about it and he admitted it. So the rest of it, the meat of the infidelity came from him. Not from her.”

RHOP star Gizelle Bryant says that it is still a challenge to co-parent with Pastor Jamal Bryant, but she says that it is almost 10 years since the marriage fell apart.

Written by Mike Carter :: Mega preacher #JamalBryant is firing back at his baby mama’s demands he be thrown in jail, denying he blew off a court order and demanding she cover his legal bills for having to even defend himself. Jamal’s baby mama, #LaToyaOdom, went to court demanding the pastor be found in contempt of court. She says he has refused to follow the court order. She accused him of not providing her with his address for their son’s medical card, nor has she received policies and he is periodically late on his payments to her. She says she wants a revised court order to make sure he pays on time. LaToya sought to have the pastor thrown in jail ... Read more on #theJasmineBRAND.com

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But while Gizelle says that Jamal came clean about cheating, his recent sermons seem to blame others for his personal foibles. Pastor Jamal Bryant speaks out on themes of sexism, misogyny, and homophobia.

“These h*es ain’t loyal!”

Jamal Bryant played the Chris Brown song of that same name during his service, which included controversial and sometimes hateful lyrics.

“When a rich n***a want ya
And your n***a can’t do nothing for ya
These h*es ain’t loyal
These h*es ain’t loyal
Yeah, yeah, let me see.”

Pastor Jamal Bryant lectures “baby mama” and “sanctified sissies” from the pulpit, and such language is reportedly causing many of the women in the congregation to flee.


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Essence Magazine has written an article entitled “Why Are We Making Excuses for Pastor Jamal Bryant?” and they are saying that Jamal Bryant needs to answer for bad behavior, as women in the church have been called out for far less. They are saying that a Los Angeles masseuse named Latoya Shawntee Odom has come forward saying that Pastor Jamal Bryant is the father of her 10-month-old son and refuses to be financially responsible. Bryant’s congregation wants answers, but for now, he is refusing to give them, saying that his lawyers have advised him not to.

“When there is something to be said you will hear it directly from me, you will not have to look for a secondary source.”

Essence writer Demetria Lucas D’Oyley says that a female pastor who admitted in the past to cheating on her husband caused a mass exodus, but Jamal Bryant shrugs his own cheating and “humping” off.

“And you know who would probably be first in like to criticize her, calling her out her name? Jamal Bryant. He’s had no problem policing women’s behavior from his pulpit.”

She wondered aloud that if women who cheat are “h*es” according to Bryant, what would be the name for a man who can’t keep it in their pants?

Do you think RHOP should be critical of other marriages when she was married to Pastor Jamal Bryant?

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