June 11, 2017
'Bachelor In Paradise' 2017 Spoilers: Season 4 Halted, Season Possibly Canceled Amid Misconduct Allegations

"Bachelor Nation" fans have been looking forward to Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise this fall and many familiar faces have been in Mexico over the past couple of weeks filming. Things took a concerning turn, however, when gossip guru Reality Steve revealed that filming had been halted. What spoilers are available so far?

Some fans started to wonder if something unusual was going on when a lot of Season 4 contestants were suddenly on social media, clearly having possession of their phones, while filming was believed to be going on yet. Reality Steve shared some juicy Bachelor in Paradise spoilers via Twitter when he detailed that he was hearing that production had been stopped early.

Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers added that he heard that the remaining cast members were being flown to Houston, and initially he was under the impression that filming would be restarted after this sudden issue was resolved. Soon, E! News shared information from a Warner Brothers statement confirming that filming was halted due to allegations of misconduct. Shortly after that, Reality Steve shared additional Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detailing that he has been told that the show has been canceled and everybody is being sent home.

Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers did reveal that the misconduct allegations involve Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. While Reality Steve didn't share specifics about the supposed misconduct, he said that many could get a general idea by thinking about what Bachelor in Paradise revolves around: cameras, sex, and drinking. Luckily, Reality Steve's spoilers say that from what he has heard, nobody involved in the supposed incident was hurt.

Amy Kaufman from the Los Angeles Times shared some additional Bachelor in Paradise spoilers via Twitter. She says that according to her sources, DeMario and Corinne got very drunk on the first day of production and Olympios approached Jackson and kissed him.

Supposedly Corinne and DeMario headed to the pool where things got steamy. While the two got quite frisky, sources indicate that they did not have sex. The day after the supposed Jackson and Olympios hook-up, a producer who saw this steamy interlude apparently was a no-show for work. Now, the producer is said to be suing production for misconduct due to what she saw happen between Jackson and Olympios. Why would this producer sue and claim misconduct? That much isn't clear as of yet, but the allegations will certainly have fans buzzing.

What does this mean for Evan Bass and Carly Waddell's wedding that was supposed to take place on June 17 in Mexico as a part of this filming? Carly and Evan have been quite anxious to get married, and spoilers had revealed that it would be woven into the end of Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. Now everybody will have to stay tuned to see if Waddell and Bass go ahead and tie the knot in Mexico as planned or whether their plans will now shift. Fans are dying to see Evan and Carly get married on television, and many will be seriously bummed if that doesn't happen now.

Is there any way that production can find a way to salvage Season 4 based on what had already been filmed or will it be tossed in the trash entirely due to these misconduct allegations? Will details regarding what allegedly happened between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson and why it seemingly drove a producer to sue and claim misconduct be revealed? There will certainly be plenty of speculation among show fans as word of this spreads, so it will be interesting to see how much detail those connected to this Bachelor in Paradise situation eventually reveal.

Update: Kaufman added another tweet indicating that she has been told that the producer's complaint is a "third party complaint." An earlier tweet had also noted that in the days after the pool hook-up, both Corinne and DeMario were shown video of their interlude, a tidbit that definitely makes some pause.

There is certainly more to the story here, but this additional tidbit has many wondering what this all means. Was the producer concerned that the drunkenness factor clouded one of the participant's ability to consent to the hook-up? Was someone else involved, or was the producer pressured to handle the situation in a way that made her uncomfortable? There is certainly more to come on this story and Bachelor in Paradise fans are dying to learn more.

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