‘American Ninja Warrior’ Returns ― Watch Live Online [Video]

American Ninja Warrior returns to NBC on June 12 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT for a two-hour premiere. You can watch American Ninja Warrior Season 9 when it returns on NBC or online via NBC apps as well as the NBC live website. A spin off of the Japanese series Sasuke, American Ninja Warrior was an instant success. Season 9 promises to bring plenty of excitement for sports fans who follow the contestants as they attempt to prove they are the toughest, fastest, and strongest. Previews of Season 9 give us a look at the obstacle course and it’s possible this might be the most difficult course in American Ninja Warrior history.

Akbar Gbaja-Biamila & Matt Iseman return as hosts and Kristine Leahy is the sideline reporter who interviews contestants after they finish their turn in the course. The American Ninja Warrior obstacle course is the heart and soul of the entire competition. Fans quickly pick their favorite contestants and root for them as they make their ways from one part of the course to the next. Sometimes early fan favorites fail at the earliest part of the course and others surprise everyone by making it clear to the end. The courses increase in difficulty and very few finish the entire course.

Contestants begin competing in qualifying rounds and those who finish with the best scores move on to the finals. The finals take place in Las Vegas where the finalists compete in an obstacle course that is similar to the Sasuke course in Japan. The American Ninja Warrior winner wins $1 million.

American Ninja Warrior is more than a competition that showcases strength, but also determination, focus, and hard work. There is no question that the American Ninja Warrior obstacles are extremely difficult to tackle and the contestants train intensively just for the chance to compete in the qualification rounds. Tonight, the qualification rounds take place in Los Angeles. Other cities where American Ninja Warrior will hold qualifying rounds include San Antonio, Denver, Cleveland, Daytona Beach, and Kansas City.