June 12, 2017
Katy Perry Livestream Just Keeps Getting Stranger - Singer Rates Three Of Her Ex-Lovers Best To Worst

Katy Perry has been hosting a live stream on her YouTube channel to celebrate the release of her latest "purposeful pop" album Witness. The live stream is intended to allow her fans to get a closer look at who she really is, letting them - and everyone else with an internet connection - into her innermost thoughts. The stream has been going live 24/7 since Thursday night at an undisclosed Los Angeles residence, with five cameras capturing Perry during almost every moment. That means she's been seen sleeping with her dog Nugget, answered numerous fan questions, and watched her set up an intricate domino display.

The livestream has already had some really interesting moments, one of which was the much talked about live-therapy session with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh. The Friday night therapy session showed Katy Perry breaking down as she talked about her past struggles with finding her purpose in life and her desire to become more real and less like an icon. Katy spoke of her struggle to reconcile the pop star Katy Perry and the person that her family and friends know in Katheryn Hudson. As she spoke to Dr. Singh, the singer shared the reason why she got her hair cut.

The new pixie cut was an effort to separate herself from the Katy Perry persona. "I didn't want to look like Katy Perry anymore," she said, speaking of the larger than life "California Girls" persona that propelled Katheryn Hudson into the spotlight. Much of this dichotomy can be seen in her music video for the song, "Wide Awake," which the singer described as being about learning to pick yourself up after a big dose of reality.

Katy Perry ranked three of her lovers during a live stream
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were attached romantically for just over a year. [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

The latest revelation from Katy Perry came during a sit-down with James Corden of "Carpool Karaoke" and the Late Late Show. The two were playing a variation of the classic party game Truth-or-Dare. Except in this version, instead of answering a random question truthfully, they would have to eat a strange snack. The snack options came straight from the old reality show, Fear Factor, offering up bird spit and beef tongue as some of the fare.

Perry opted out of the gourmet selection and chose instead to answer the question. Corden then told her she had to rank three of her famous past lovers, in order from best to worst according to their performance in flagrante delicto, as some might say - others would say how they were in the sack. The three to be ranked, were Diplo, John Mayer, and Orlando Bloom. Perry shouted, "NO!" several times before settling down to answer the question.

According to her, the worst one of the three was DJ Diplo, who Perry was briefly attached to in 2014. The DJ, whose real name is Wes Pentz, was Katy's rebound fling after she broke up with John Mayer. The pair didn't last long.

The second best - or second worst - was Orlando Bloom, who Perry dated for just over a year from 2016 to 2017.

The best of the bunch was John Mayer, who was attached to Perry twice before they broke up for good in 2015. Mayer, 39, didn't make the overall top spot according to Katy, however. The "Waking Up in Vegas" crooner spoke with fond affection of Josh Groban, who she dated for a minute in 2009. Perry wistfully spoke of Groban as the one that got away.

James Corden had Katy Perry rank Orlando Bloom, Diplo, and John Mayer
Katy Perry and John Mayer dated and broke up in 2015 for good. [Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Image File]

If Mayer was the best of the three, that could go a long way to explaining how the feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift started. After all, Mayer and Perry only got together after his affair with Swift ended. Swift, of course, immortalized that dalliance in the song, "Dear John," on her Speak Now album.

Still, in another candid moment that was captured during the live stream, Perry spoke of her willingness to put their feud behind them. Time will only tell if Swift is willing to do the same.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]