June 11, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Olivia Gets Surprising News -- Will It Affect Her Wedding To Ned?

There is about to be another General Hospital wedding this summer as Ned Quartermaine and Olivia Falconeri are about to become husband and wife. Although they haven't been on screen much at all since the farewell to Tracy episode, the couple is apparently busy preparing for their nuptials. Will their wedding go off without a hitch?

Before Ned and Olivia take that walk down the aisle, there are a few General Hospital spoilers that are coming up this week that sounds a bit mysterious. The engaged twosome are finally back on screen, but it sounds like something may be up. According to Soap Central, Olivia is about to get some unexpected news. What is that all about?

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to unexpected news is that maybe she is pregnant. That is a possibility and it would definitely count as something she is not expecting to hear. She already has a young child, Leo, with Julian Jerome. Ned has become a father to the boy since he and Olivia got back together. His real daddy has been absent from his life for a while.

If the news is that she is having Ned's baby, that may complicate things. Would they be happy about it? If the news isn't baby related, it could have something to do with Julian or the wedding itself.

The wedding has been taped just the past few days as a couple of photos were posted on social media just as a teaser for General Hospital fans to get excited about. No wedding dress was revealed, but the groom does look a bit nervous. Of course, he is also happy to finally marry his girl and to be a family with Leo.

With Tracy gone, there are rumors that Olivia will take over running the Quartermaine mansion. That might be a problem, but it will be funny to watch. She has no idea what she is really getting into by moving into the family home. At least Tracy won't be there to hassle her, but there is the clashing with the chef over food. Olivia is used to doing all the cooking. In fact, she prides herself on making sure that no one goes hungry. How will she react when the chef won't want her to be in the kitchen at all?

General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Ned and Olivia will be making a decision this week. Will they be deciding their future or does this have anything to do with the news that Olivia gets? Hopefully, it's not bad news. This spoiler could also tie into a surprise baby storyline.

The exact wedding date has not been revealed just yet, but that is supposed to be announced sometime this coming week. General Hospital fans are looking forward to another wedding. It is always a fun thing to see a favorite couple get hitched on a soap. Hopefully Leo will be a part of his mom's wedding. He has hardly been seen since he was born. It would be fun to see the little guy running around the Quartermaine mansion, and to see Ned take on a dad role once again.

We know that Dillon, Ned's brother, will be a part of the wedding, and it is likely that Dante will walk his mom down the aisle to give her away to her new husband. Remember that Olivia was the one who was reluctant to say yes to Ned a few months ago, but the robbery at the Floating Rib changed her mind, and now the three of them will be a family very soon.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ned and Olivia pledge their love to each other this summer? Will the news that Olivia gets change things between them? Check out General Hospital this week to see what develops.

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