Tricia Helfer Says She Once Received Sperm In The Mail From Psycho Fan

Tricia Helfer, star of Battlestar Galactica and Lucifer, may well have been subjected to one of the most off-putting and offensive pieces of "fan mail" to ever pass through an actress' hands. According to Helfer, she once received a psycho fan's "male offering" in the mail. Yep, some crazy dude sent Tricia Helfer his sperm.

The 43-year-old actress confessed to receiving the nasty parcel during an interview with Page Six over the weekend. According to Helfer, the incident took place while she was filming scenes for the TV series The Firm, which aired on NBC in 2012.

"I got sperm in the mail once."
Tricia Helfer was part of a Battlestar Galactica reunion panel at the ATX TV Festival when she dished on the disturbing mail find, and she admitted that the scenario ultimately involved law enforcement. According to Helfer, she was innocuously opening the day's batch of fan mail when something strange happened with one of the packages.

Upon opening a seemingly innocent piece of mail, a syringe fell out. Tricia Helfer said on Saturday that it took a moment for the gravity of the situation to sink in, but that her unidentified creeper fan had included a drawing of a man, woman, and child along with the liquid-filled syringe.

"I opened it up and out falls this syringe. It came… with a stick figure drawing of a man, woman and child..."
Included with the syringe of sperm and illustration Tricia Helfer received was a note tying the whole horrifically creepy fan "gift" together. Apparently, the quasi-stalker didn't just want to meet or even hook up with Helfer, he was looking to start a family with the actress. According to the note, he wanted Tricia Helfer to get a head start on creating his fantasy family, hence the unsolicited syringe of sperm.
"..,[the note read] Sending this to you now so when I come over to be together, we will already have our family started.'"
While Tricia Helfer obviously didn't act on the disgusting and disturbing fan request, the piece of mail and its contents definitely didn't go unnoticed. According to the actress, she notified someone at the studio that she'd been the recipient of a nasty piece of fan mail. Helfer says that the powers that be on the set handled the situation from there.

Helfer says that detectives were contacted to handle the situation, and when they arrived on the scene, they confiscated the package (envelope, sperm syringe, drawing and creepy note) as evidence leading them toward the creepy fan who crossed the line with his offering to Tricia Helfer.

"They called the detectives and they came and took it all as evidence."
Much to Helfer's relief, investigators were able to locate the sperm-sending fan. However, Tricia Helfer didn't mention what consequences, if any, the man suffered for sending her the package.

While Tricia Helfer's fan mail experience was truly disgusting, creepy, and off-putting, it's unfortunately not unique in Hollywood. As StyleCaster reports, a plethora of actors and actresses have shared stories related to some of the most bizarre items they've received from fans. Jared Leto, for example, was once reportedly gifted with a severed human ear. He would go on to wear it as a necklace, which is almost as creepy as the sending.

Rock Star Alice Cooper was once reportedly sent a tiny coffin holding a cat's heart.

Emma Watson once received a slew of Bibles in the mail from fans who believed her Harry Potter character was "un-Christian."

Dolly Parton once reportedly received a live human baby, left on her doorstep and named after her famous song "Jolene." Ms. Parton was forced to contact Child Protective Services to handle the situation.

Despite the fact that bizarre and unsolicited fan mail is apparently par for the course once you reach a certain level of fame, Tricia Helfer was understandably disturbed by the menacing incident of an unnamed fan sending her sperm and the promise of coming over so that they could "be together."

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