Demi Moore Allegedly Took Stray Cat To Dinner As Her Date In Miami

Demi Moore allegedly picked up a stray cat and took the animal to dinner with her as a date in Miami. After photos surfaced of the Charlie’s Angels star partying it up at the SoHO Beach House during the Chanel Beachside BBQ Party, claims followed about the temporary respite given to a homeless kitty.

According to a Radar Online report, Moore’s supposed significant other Vito Schnabel could not accompany her to dinner, so she picked up a stray cat and announced the purring feline was her date for the evening. Photos shared on the celebrity news website show Demi Moore with a very happy looking cat on her lap.

Moore, 50, spotted the stray at outside of the SoHo Beach Housse pool and took it inside with her, the New York Post reports. A source had this to say about Moore’s alleged animal rescue in Miami:

“The kitten sat on Demi’s lap throughout the meal. She was cuddling and petting it.”

Demi allegedly “abandoned” the stray cat before going to party with Stacy Keibler, Lenny Kravitz, and other notables enjoying themselves at the after party. Keibler is movie star George Clooney’s lady love. A source also claimed that Demi and Stacy partied with a “group of guys” at Jelsomino, a karaoke bar. Keibler alleged tossed back several shots of tequila before the gal pals supposedly left the bar at 2 am to pursue the atmosphere at another club in Miami. Vito Schnabel allegedly joined Moore for the party after the Chanel BBQ concluded.