October 17, 2017
Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt 'Reunion' Gets Support From Justin Theroux [Report]

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reconciliation rumors just won't stop. While it might seem silly to think that the exes are talking again after Pitt's divorce from Angelina Jolie, various media outlets continue to report that there is something there. Ever since Pitt left Aniston for Jolie, some people have been waiting for the two to have some sort of interaction -- to face the past, so to speak. This has only caused various tabloids and other media outlets to publish stories about the exes potentially reconnecting. And since Pitt's divorce, these stories have only intensified.

Most recently, OK! Magazine reported that Aniston is ready to forgive Pitt (for cheating on her with Jolie so many moons ago), and that he is being "welcomed back" into his old group of friends -- with Aniston's permission.

"Jen's told her clan that [Brad's] no longer banned among their circle. She's even told Brad she hopes to see him on the scene in LA very soon. Brad's being slowly welcomed back into the old clan. Attending that fundraising with Courteney Cox was a huge step forward," a source told OK! Magazine. The source went on to say that Pitt, Aniston, and Theroux might meet up at some point in hopes of a "photo-opp" to make Jolie mad.

"Brad's totally into the idea of a photo opp with Jen and Justin—it will certainly rustle some feathers at Chez Jolie," the insider added.

Interestingly enough, this report comes just two days after a report that debunked stories that Pitt had called Aniston to apologize to her. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gossip Cop cleared up the rumors that Pitt and Aniston were talking again and that the two had finally reached a place where Aniston was offering support to her ex-husband. However, it seems obvious that the two aren't talking, regardless of what you might read.

And, when it comes to this new report in particular, it seems like a pretty big stretch. Many people seem to want to believe that Aniston and Pitt are talking through their problems and being amicable, but the truth is, they've probably both moved on -- completely -- and don't want anything to do with one another.

Just about every report about Aniston and Pitt from OK! Magazine, Radar Online, and the like, has been debunked by Gossip Cop. The ongoing suggestions that Pitt and Aniston are reaching out to one another are fabricated.

"Brad apologized for all the heartbreak. He doesn't usually open up like that, but through therapy and recovery, he's learned to express his feelings. He addressed all the hurt he caused her," a source told Life & Style Magazine last week. Another source added that Aniston was "receptive to making amends." Gossip Cop reported that wasn't the case.

And previously, Aniston's BFF Chelsea Handler spoke out about the rumors.

"I don't think Jen cares about what's going on and it's crazy that people think she does. As if she's sitting around caring about [Angelina]. I know I don't," Handler said.

So, why do these rumors continue? Will they ever stop? It's hard to answer either of those questions. You might be over the Aniston and Pitt reconciliation drama, but there are plenty of people who aren't. Some wish that these stories were true and that Pitt would apologize because they feel as though Aniston deserves it. As long as those people are out there, the stories aren't going to stop.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]