June 11, 2017
Big Bang Idol T.O.P's Health Update: Korean Pop Idol Shifted To New Hospital For Psychiatric Treatment

Big Bang idol T.O.P has reportedly been shifted to a different hospital, although his condition has improved.

The popular K-pop idol has been moved to a new hospital, after he was released from the first hospital, at the request of his guardian, according to recent reports. T.O.P, whose real name is Choi Seung Hyun, is expected to undergo psychiatric treatment there.

On Tuesday, June 6, the 29-year-old Korean pop idol was reportedly found in a "state of deep sleep and semi-consciousness" after he overdosed on prescribed tranquilizers. T.O.P gained consciousness two days later on Thursday, June 8, a staff member of Ewha Mokdong Hospital told Sports Chosun.

"He has gained consciousness. His vital signs are back to normal. We think that it will be okay for him to leave the intensive care unit tomorrow. He is to get psychiatric treatment afterward."
After his condition improved, hospital doctors reportedly advised T.O.P to undergo psychiatric counseling at the mental health department. Soompi quoted a source as saying that T.O.P and his legal guardian had to decide whether he would remain at the same hospital for further treatment or move to another hospital.

T.O.P and his family reportedly decided that it was better to shift him to a different hospital. In a statement, Big Bang's management agency, YG Entertainment, said that T.O.P's guardian had requested that it would be better to admit him to a different facility that had single patient rooms, according to Soompi. They did not reveal the name of the new hospital to stop the reporters from inconveniencing the patients there.

"The hospital's medical team made the recommendation that T.O.P should be moved from the intensive care unit to the general ward. However, his guardian requested that he be moved to a different facility that has single patient rooms to make visiting him a smoother process. We will not be releasing the name of the new hospital as we wish to avoid the situation we faced at the first hospital."
YG Entertainment also apologized for the inconvenience caused to the patients at Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital because of the reporters who had gathered there to report on T.O.P's health.
News about T.O.P overdosing on prescribed tranquilizers broke soon after reports surfaced that he was indicted on charges of smoking marijuana in October of last year. The usage of marijuana is illegal in South Korea.

On Friday, South Korean police suspended the Big Bang idol from military service as a conscripted policeman, according to The Korea Times. T.O.P had started his two-year mandatory military service earlier this year in February.

"We have received the indictment documents and the procedure for Choi's military service suspension has been concluded," an official at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said to the press. "Choi has been ordered to be sent home."

T.O.P's first trial will take place on June 29 at the Seoul District Court. He is expected to be present during the formal hearing. Moreover, he is not going to be detained during his trial. According to reports, the verdict will decide whether or not he can continue his military service as a conscripted policeman, and also his future as Big Bang idol depends on it.

On June 8, YG Entertainment released a statement to apologize for all the controversies surrounding T.O.P. They said that the Big Bang idol held himself accountable for the recent events.

"We bow our heads and sincerely apologize to those who were hurt and disappointed by the recent chain of shameful events surrounding T.O.P. He is holding himself accountable for the controversy and will receive any and all reprehension for falling short of everyone's expectations with a heavy heart."
On Friday, when he was leaving the hospital in a wheelchair, T.O.P was heard saying "I'm sorry" to the media.

[Featured Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]