June 11, 2017
Kailyn Lowry's Friend Answers Questions About Her On Her Blog, Confirms Cameras Will Not Be In Delivery Room

Kailyn Lowry's long-time friend, Becky Hayter, took over Kail's blog a couple of days ago to answer questions about Kail--and fans loved it. Although the pair were once rumored to be in a lesbian relationship, Becky made it very clear that she and Kail were, and always have been just pals. Kail, however, has admitted that she is bisexual and has had flings with women, but Becky wasn't one of them.

According to Becky, Kailyn Lowry is a great mother who is always striving for more for herself and her boys, but she also puts way too much trust in people. Becky confirmed that Kail isn't too good at picking people as friends who aren't simply after her money and fame, which could be interpreted as a little bit of shade thrown at Chris Lopez, her baby daddy.

One fan asked what Becky and Kail like to do when they get together, which added a lot of insight into Kailyn Lowry's personality off camera.

"It is interesting because Kail is not a fan of going out, meeting new people, drinking, and well that's kind of what I live for. We also don't get to see each other often so when we do we love to just sit down and talk or do something with the boys. Basically every time it's me giving Kail advice and her not taking any of it," Becky wrote.

Kailyn Lowry also notoriously gets lots of negative comments from viewers on her Twitter and Instagram. A fan asked Becky how Kail handles it, and she got incredibly real about it.

"Everyday is different. What happened that day, how she is feeling, what's the topic of the negative comments. I have said it before, she is tough but isn't bulletproof. Myself over the past couple years have completely blocked off any emotional reaction to people for the most part. It really comes down to their own personal issues they are dealing with," she wrote.

Becky also confirmed that she would be in the delivery room when Baby Lo made his or her debut into the world. It has not been stated whether or not the father of the child, former classmate of Kail's at Delaware State University, Chris Lopez, will be in the delivery room.

However, Becky confirmed that the birth would not be filmed for the new season of Teen Mom 2, which may leave some fans disappointed.

"No [the delivery] won't be filmed, and I hope to make it there for the delivery," she wrote back.

Becky also got real about her relationship with Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband Javi Marroquin, whom she divorced last year. According to Becky, she and Javi used to be pals, but now that he's split with one of her besties, they are no longer on speaking terms.

"Javi and I were friends. Through the divorce the dynamic really changed throughout the entire friends group and we no longer have a friendship at all," she admitted.

Kailyn Lowry has stated previously that she is currently writing a tell-all book and has been penning it throughout her pregnancy. She has already signed a deal to publish it, and fans are hoping it delivers with the drama about her divorce from Javi and her relationship with Chris Lopez.

And while Kail and Javi are supposedly on good terms, Javi has stated that he is going to write a tell-all about his ex-wife and the end of their marriage to ensure that his side of the story gets told. This may partly be why Becky has such trouble being friends with him now that he's split with her bestie.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]