June 11, 2017
Jennifer Lawrence On Plane That Suffered Double Engine Failure: This Wasn't Her First Brush With Death

Jennifer Lawrence experienced quite the scare when an engine on her private plane failed while she was high up in the air. To make matters worse, a second engine gave out while the plane's pilots were trying to make an emergency landing.

According to E! News, Jennifer Lawrence was leaving Louisville, Kentucky when one of the engines on her private plane failed. The aircraft was flying at 31,000 feet when the frightening incident occurred, and the plane's pilots were forced to attempt an emergency landing. As if this wasn't terrifying enough, a second engine failed while they were trying to bring the plane down, but they miraculously managed to land the aircraft safely. The pilots made their unscheduled landing in Buffalo, New York, and multiple emergency vehicles quickly arrived at the scene.

A rep for Jennifer Lawrence confirmed that the Passengers star is doing okay after the ordeal, but perhaps her parents are freaking out just a little; Jennifer was visiting her family in Louisville before she boarded that ill-fated flight.

The scare may make the actress rethink her decision to only fly on private jets. During an interview with Vogue, she revealed that paying to travel via the expensive aircraft is her biggest financial indulgence, and she explained why she despises flying commercial.

"Um, private jets? I have such a hard time flying commercial. I always want to—it's cheaper, it's easier—but there can be 300 perfectly lovely people at the gate and one crazy person who ruins it for everyone, so flying private is great because I don't have to worry," Lawrence said.

Then again, Jennifer Lawrence did almost lose her life while filming a movie, and that experience didn't scare her away from starring in more of them. According to IANS, the actress experienced her her first brush with death when she was filming a movie in which loss of life was a common occurrence, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. One scene called for Jennifer to crawl through a tunnel filled with smoke, but a fog machine malfunction left the actress struggling to breathe. Thick smoke continuously poured out of the broken machine, filling Jennifer's lungs and blinding her.

"Filming came to an abrupt halt when this fog machine broke and began spewing so much dense smoke during a tunnel sequence that Jennifer literally disappeared from sight - and everybody panicked," a source revealed.

A rescue crew attempted to shut the faulty machine off, and fans were used to disperse the smoke. The rescuers were able to locate Jennifer Lawrence and her costars by following the sounds of their coughing and gagging. Luckily, everyone eventually recovered from inhaling all that smoke.

"After several scary minutes, a rescue crew finally found the star and carried her out, hacking and gagging," the source said. "Jennifer's one tough gal, but she looked really shook up, and kept complaining she felt very nauseous - like she was suffering from vertigo."

This wasn't the only scary incident that happened on the set of a Hunger Games movie. As People reported, Jennifer Lawrence claims that her itchy butt almost caused the demise of a crew member while she was filming Catching Fire in Hawaii. Lawrence was wearing a wetsuit and couldn't scratch an annoying itch, so she decided to rub her butt on a stone. However, she had previously been warned not to disturb the rock because it was sacred to locals.

"One rock that I was butt-scratching on ended up coming loose," Lawrence said. "And it was a giant boulder and it rolled down this mountain and it almost killed our sound guy!"

She said that the incident upset Hawaiians, and she mocked them for saying that the stone was cursed.

"It was this huge dramatic deal and all the Hawaiians were like, 'It's the curse!" she said. "And I'm over in the corner going, 'I'm your curse. I wedged it loose with my ass.'"

Jennifer Lawrence can only hope that her scary flight isn't a sign that the curse is following her.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]