New Stadium For Raiders? Roger Goodell Says NFL Will Help Fund New Facility In Oakland

The Oakland Raiders could be getting a new stadium. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that he wants to keep the team in Oakland and that the league was willing to help fund the stadium to make that happen.

The Raiders currently play in the outdated (and occasionally unsafe) Coliseum. The team wants to play in a modern facility in the same location but there have also been talks about moving the team to Los Angeles.

According to, the NFL has already contributed $200 million to build a new stadium for the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara. Goodell said that the Oakland Raiders could share the new stadium with the 49ers but also added that the league was not opposed to giving a similar sum to build a new stadium in Oakland.

Goodell said:

“The priority is what the community and the team work out. I think it’s a great benefit that there’s a stadium across the bay that’s going to be a state-of-the-art facility. That’s terrific. So that’s an option if this community and the Raiders choose that. But that’s a decision they have to make.”

Goodell said that it was important for the Raiders to get a new stadium and that the league was willing to partially fund a modern facility in Oakland.

Goodell said:

“It’s our stage. It’s part of where we present our game. It’s the biggest part. It’s also really important to the fan experience. Having full stadiums is critical for us. We want to have our fans in the stadium, we want to make sure they have the best facilities, we want to make sure the teams can generate enough revenue to be successful and competitive.”

Talks about a new Raiders stadium come the day after a fan fell from the upper deck of the Coliseum. The fan is currently in critical condition.

Where do you think the Oakland Raiders should play?