Severed Head And Headless Body Found A Mile Apart, But Do They Match?

The gruesome find of a severed head on the front porch of a home was the first call police answered in a Saturday morning mysterious crime. As police worked this crime scene, another call came in about the discovery of a charred headless body. The first crime scene where the head was found was less than a mile away from the second crime scene where kids had stumbled upon a body with no head. Both the head and body were discovered in the same Mississippi neighborhood.

The head and body were found in an area located near Jackson, Mississippi. While it would make sense to suspect the head and the body were once attached to each other, police are still investigating to officially deem this the case. As of right now, they cannot say these body parts belong to one person, but they are leaning that way.

It was Saturday morning when the head, which was cut off at the neck, according to CNN News, was found on the porch of an unassuming neighborhood home. A little later in the day, a group of children who were playing in a wooded area stumbled upon the headless body, after someone had burned the remains.

Police would only say that both remains found are those of a black male. Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance told reporters the following.

"Due to the type of crime and the proximity of the body parts, we can assume perhaps this is the remains that were attached to the head."

Because of the gruesome, violent act of severing a head, police believe this was a crime done in anger, but no motive has been determined. They haven't even identified the remains. Police would not comment on the speculation that this killing could be gang related.

Vance said that it was obvious that "rage" played a part in this killing because of the violent nature of severing a head. With the head left on the porch of a home, they are looking into the possibility that this was meant to pass along some type of message.

"Obviously, rage was an ingredient, perhaps some type of message sending."
Also, when asked, police would not divulge if the homeowners who found the severed head were able to recognize the person or not. While they are assuming the head and body belonged to the same person, they will not call it officially until the coroner and medical examiner pass that information along, according to Click 2 Houston.

According to an update fro WJTV local news, police are investigating the crime scene on Green Avenue, where the burned body was found. They are also working on determining if the severed head and the burned remains belong to each other.

The police are also working the crime scene on Deer Park Street where the severed head was found on Saturday morning. The morning started off with a call into the Jackson Police Department and they were dispatched to Deer Park Street where that head was left on the front steps of the home.
Gunfire the night before was reported by the neighbors, but it is not known if this was related to the discovery on Saturday morning. It appears that violence is not rare in this town as Jackson Police Department Commander Tyree Jones reported that this crime makes the 28th homicide that's occurred in Jackson this year. According to an article from WLOX News 13 back in March, gangs have become a big problem in South Mississippi.

ATF Agents report that one of the gangs prevalent in the southern part of Mississippi is the gang called Simon City Royals. This gang has "more members per capita in Mississippi than anywhere else in the country," reports the ATF Department. Sergeant Chad Heck from Jackson County reported at the time, "We in Jackson County have been paying more attention and have realized a lot of our crimes involve Simon City Royals." The Simon City Royals are originally a Chicago gang that originates back from the 1970s. Because Jackson County is where a lot of Chicago families migrate to, the gangs followed.

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